"Nobody's Child" Cassie is an eleven year old girl who has been in a children's home since she was four years old. Very bright, Cassie excels in most subjects and can play Brahms and Mozart on the piano at the age of only six. Because of her age nobody wants to adopt her. Mrs Cummings the manager of Auton House is a wicked woman who treats Cassie and the rest in her charge badly and beats her with regularity. One day she is sent to clean out the toilet and bathroom and Mrs Cummings comes along to inspect them. Running a white glove over everything and looking for dirt. When she doesn't find any she then reaches up on the door - Cassie is only three feet six inches tall and was unable to reach up to the top of the door and Mrs Cummings sets about her with a cane. She beats her so badly that Cassie runs at her forcing her back where she hits her head on a wash basin. Cassie in her panic rushes out and runs away.- It is there that she meets Don a ex docker who takes pity on the girl - rea


13. 13

Cassie kept the pork pies for her breakfast and some of the coke. It had been a very productive day and Cassie couldn’t wait until the next morning.


The bubbles in the bath gathered like a white foamy blanket as Don placed his hand into the water mixing some cold into it until it was just hot enough for the child to bathe herself. He went to his drawer and took out an old white round necked tee shirt that would be big enough to cover the young girl’s modesty and placed it on the chair in the bathroom along with a bath towel. He came through to where Cassie was sitting and told her that her bath was ready and that he’d left something for her to wear for now.

“There’s some Shampoo and soap and a flannel in there that you can use. Leave your clothes in the passage and I will put them in the washing machine. “Let me know if the water is too hot for you.’

“I can put cold water in if it isn’t assured the girl.’

“Right then, whilst you’re taking a bath I will prepare our soup.’

Cassie went to the bathroom and Fart followed her; she quickly took off her soiled clothes then got into the bath. The boxer pup put its paws on the side of the bath and began trying to catch the bubbles as Cassie blew them through a hole made by her finger and thumb. She giggled away as the puppy jumped through the air trying to catch them. If Fart had been bigger he would have been in the tub with her because it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Don turned on the electric fire then pulled up the small table near the sofa so that the girl could watch the television whilst she ate her soup.

He stirred the big tin of soup with a spoon under a low flame on the gas cooker. Then cut some slices from stottie cake from Gregg’s bakery. They sold the best stottie cake around and it tasted similar to the bread he used to eat at his grandmother Florie’s when he was a boy. She would sit him down at the table and give him a big slice of fruitcake, and a piece of homemade stottie with real butter and some homemade strawberry jam.’

“Are you okay in there shouted Don?’

“Yes mister Don came a reply.’

“Well hurry up your soup is nearly ready.’


“Don’t forget to wash your hair.’

“I’ve washed it already.’

“Good girl.’

Don heard her step out of the bath and she pull out the plug. She began drying herself; then put on the clean tee shirt that Don had left out for her. The tee shirt came right down past her knees. It hung loosely on her small frame.

Mister Don.’


“Have you got a brush so I can do my hair?’

“Just a second I will have a look for you.’ Going into his bedroom Don pulled out a brown case; he flipped it open and inside were his mother’s comb, brush, and hand held mirror. He brought them to the bathroom door and asked if she was decent.

She held out a tiny hand from behind the door and Don passed her the items. She then closed the door.

Don picked up her dirty clothes then placed them into the twin tub and put in some Daz washing powder and set it away.

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