Thoughts in The Wind

This is just me doing poems when I have nothing better to write and I have something that I would like to get off of my mind and onto paper. This might go down at some point or it might stay up until I hit 100. I don't know. But until than Just enjoy getting closer to my soul through words that are o the computer.


43. M&M Fortune

Orange is the color you turn when the sun is out and you bath in the heat it brings for more than 11 minutes.  

Yellow is the color of the sun that burns your eyes if you stare at it for more then 2 seconds.

Brown is the color of the dirt that everything is built on and you almost always have two feet on.

Green is the color of the grass that you pull from the ground and the leaves in the trees that you yank down until you hold 6.

Red is the color of fire that circles you on cold nights with its warm arms. Stay too close and it will burn, but sit back and watch for as long as you like. 

Blue is the color of water which you drink without end 5 bottles of blue water should be good.

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