Star Wars: The Conflict

A AU where Yavin IV was destroyed and Luke, along with Han embark on a Journey like never before....


3. Chapter II

They gazed upon the Stars seeing nothing but death surrounding the stars, Luke got ready getting a robe and the Datacron in which he was drawn too still strange how it called too him.

"Found it!" Luke said seeing the Datacron in front of him, it was Dark Blue it shined across a dark room it was hidden, safe, he took it and went back to the Falcon leaving the Planet named Hoth, it was cold but he had to hurry there was no time to waste. He entered the Falcon feeling the increased warmth feeling himself getting warm again to no avail he went to a Room in the Falcon as Han looked back smirking as he got what he came for, they departed Hoth and went into Space once more as Luke sat down on a Chair, "What is this?" Luke said gazing upon it not knowing what a Datacron is.

A Dark cloaked figure walked into a throne distinctively waking to the Chair, he kneeled down, "What is thy bidding my Master?" He spoke out to his master, "We may have destroyed the Rebels but..the boy who failed to destroy the Death Star has become a Jedi Knight.."

The Master said, "Shall I kill him?" The Figure said, "..Yes" He told him, as he bowed his head and left the Throne Room in an attempt to kill the boy named Luke.

He looked at the Datacron seeing nothing but Blue light, "What are you?" He thought while looking at it, "We are a Cron that stores data of battles, training and memories. We called to you" The Datacron spoke out, he stood there looking at it knowing it had just spoken, "The Jedi who store wisdom knowledge and hope for those who need it most is who we are. I am Master Windu" It spoke, "Knowledge? Is there a way I can find all the Jedi's archived training and forms of Saber combat?" He said curiously, "In a way, yes here is what you seek" Mace said, Luke saw everything around him turn into a holographic color showing Jedi, everything, "You must feel the force around you!" Voices spoken out, "Don't give in the hate, a Jedi uses his weapon as defense never offense!, listen to the voice of the light it calls too you, There is no death there is the force" More voices spoke out as he saw Jedi fighting all the forms and he looked at it all shocked but learning as well, he saw his father in the Datacron, As he saw so much light so much combat, learning it all from a Datacron, overwhelming his mind but in the process fulfilling his true potential, His eyes glowed White as minutes has passed, "you were right about me" a fainted voice cried out from a shadow, as he entered back into the real world,

"How do you feel now young Skywalker?" Windu asked, "I'm save the Galaxy!" Luke instantly replied as he saw ghosts around him, "You must face Vader if you could turn him to the light we can end this war!" Obi-Wan said, "Too Obi-Wan you listen!" Yoda said, "We will be watching over you though we cannot interfere we will guide you" Qui-Gon said from the very air. Luke looked at the Datacron and furthered his knowledge...about his Father.

"So my apprentice built a foundation upon me?" A sinister voice cried from a vast window in a Throne Room, As the apprentice named Starkiller, as his name originally Ezra Bridger went to find and kill Luke, the Master being a vanished Sith ruminating through the shadows.

The real Master looked hesitant and quite shocked, "Master, you've survived!" He eagerly said, "Indeed, you gave me the push at immortality while you rested on you're Empire I lurked in the shadows seeing you slowly fall" He told his former Apprentice, "The Rebellion has been crushed and young Skywalker is on the run, I'm not losing" He said with a frustrated tone, "So it is believed, this Tomb is you're's, but soon a Jedi will rise and eventually end it all, thus giving birth to a new empire as me being the orchestrater, You dwelled in power thinking you were the ultimate reign I've been watching you this entire time seeing you go to power everything"

He told his former apprentice, The Master stared at the illusion of him transmitting hisself to his Death Star, "See to it Sidious that you of all will suffer the worst of it" He said sinisterly,

Emperor Sidious stood in his throne trying to deny it isn't true but deep down it were..

Luke and Han discovered the location of The rebels whom fled after the Destruction of Yavin IV, they landed in the Planet's Surface it was in a cloudy atmosphere, "Permission to land on Platform 227" A officer told them, as they landed on the Platform, "It can't be!" Han shouted, "What is it Han!?" Luke replied worryingly, "My best friend Lando he's here" Han told him.

They exited the Ship, seeing him, "Han! Old buddy!" Lando said, "How you doing you old pirate!" Lando continued, "Oh nothing much we are looking for the Rebels we need there support" Han said, "Well come on then!" Lando said, as Chewbacca and R2-D2 went along with Han and Luke, as they talked while walking, "Here they are" Lando said, "Luke!? Han!?" Mon Mothma said shocked, "We are glad you're alive!" Wedge said, "Thank you, we need you Luke has been fully trained and is strong enough to conquer Vader and the Emperor, We need you!" Han told them,

"Han we can't it's too dangerous.." Mon Mothma said, "Look I know it's hard but..the Galaxy is in turmoil!" Han told her. "I-i know" she said putting her head down, "Please..Mot-" Han was cut off instantly with a familiar voice appearing from a sudden shadow, "It-it can't be" both Han and Luke shuttered.

"Tracing Coordinates now" Starkiller said as he approached his ship to Bespin. "Lord Vader go to the Bespin System and capture Luke I'm afraid the other Apprentice will fail!" Sidious said with a fainted tone, "Master are you alright?" Vader said on the Comlink, "Yes just go there" He responded. Starkiller jumped out of Hyperspace.

"Han! Luke!" The voice cried out hugging them both without a second of hesitance. "You died!" Luke shouted, "No let me explain everything" the voice said, "Back on Yavin IV when you were in a battle against the Death Star Rebel Soldiers before you missed the shot, had told me we were doomed and only three of us could have gotten out on time I was the first without a doubt to them, I had no choice but to flee to Bespin where I met Lando we are not in a relationship I promise you that during this time I had to steal info of our existence as Imperial Spies saw us we had no choice but to execute them I wanted to tell you but it was too risky" Leia said, "I don't care what happened I'm glad you are here" Han said hugging her despite them only being together for a week or two, Luke smiled and hugged her as well.

Starkiller landed and got out of the ship igniting his Sabers, and slashing the security door opened, with anger inside him he choked the Officers and killed them, as he went after them, Luke sensed his presence, "Everyone stay here!" Luke shouted shutting the door forcefully shut as he engaged after the Sith, "You will die!" He said with a hint of confusion in him, "You're just a kid.." He said seeing Starkiller engage him, "AHH" Starkiller screamed using the Form called Ataru, Luke used the Form Trakata, as the two engaged in a Duel across the White clear interior of a Building, as they dueled Vader went into Hyperspace.

"I will not fail" Starkiller said readily to face him, "You're Master will betray you!" Luke replied, "My master once thought as you did, and he was killed by Vader!" Starkiller said, Luke stepped back holding his Light-Saber in a stance looking concentrated on the boy, Starkiller swung back and lunged fourth at Luke, as he was on the defensive, Starkiller was on the offensive. Luke used the force to throw him into a Wall, knocking him out of concentration, "I am not gonna fight forcefully but I will fight if needed!" Luke said as he dueled Starkiller, "AHH" Starkiller shouted swinging his Saber and choosing Shii-Cho, Luke changed his style to Makashi, as he was on the defensive, Starkiller was then kicked into the flooring tumbling him into a Door, Starkiller got up but was gripped by Luke pulled back to him as Luke knocked him out, he took off the good it was Ezra.. Though Luke barely knows him be was considered a hero the youngest of heroes in the Rebellion.

Vader got out of Hyperspace and entered Bespin landing on Platform 227 and exiting the ship. Just before Luke opened the door the glass door was pulled apart, "So we meet again!" Vader said, Luke looked shocked and afraid he'll lose too him but he must let go of the emotions otherwise he'll fail, Luke has to run away from them so they don't get hurt as Luke ran away Vader saw Starkiller and stabbed him, Luke saw and screamed as Ezra who later became Starkiller was struck down by Darth Vader, "Finally the last of the Ghsot Crew is dead!" Vader said with a tone of satisfaction as he walked towards him Luke fell down orange and gray stairs revealing a different room, Vader ignited his Saber once more and went into the Chamber, Luke walked slowly, seeing orange lights everywhere, Vader pushed him into the ground, Luke got up quickly and dueled him with his main form Trakata, "Impressive" Vader said with his skills of a Lightsaber, "..Most Impressive!" Vader finished as Luke kicked him into the ground and tried striking him down, but was quickly pushed back as Vader got back up engaging him slowly, his breathing was loud but inevitably Luke could barely hear the sound.

Luke fought Vader with all his strength, as Luke was defending himself from Vader's Lightsaber, Vader had dueled him once more and Luke swung back and fourth engaging him, but Vader has the upper hand as he was more experienced, he walked towards Luke aiming his Saber right at him forcing him to walk backwards, Vader sliced off his Left Hand and kicked him into a Freezing Machine, "AHH" Luke screamed in pain, Vader turned on the switches to the Controls as the Carbon Freeze began, "All too easy" Vader remarked. As Luke became frozen in Cabonite, Vader took the now frozen boy too his Ship, the Surviving Rebels heard everything if Han had gone out and tried to save Luke he would be instantly dead, as Leia became worried.

R2-D2 made a sad beep, as they heard the Ship leave, "Luke's gone.." Han said, "I'm with Han. We can't do this not alone!" Leia shouted, "...She's right" Wedge finally called out, all the others agreed as Mothma finally accepted it. "May I ask, Did 3PO make it?" Han said, "..No I'm sorry Artoo he was a droid and to them Droid's were just a sacrifice I would've gave my life for him.." Leia said, R2 became even sadder with the words. Mothma gathered the survivors, R2 and Chewbacca became part of the Rebellion as well, Han and Leia became close slowly, and The Rebellion was reformed and new recruits and old recruits came together, Luke was brought to the Emperor and Han and Leia had tracked them down.

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