The missing queen

In Stormwind kingdom their was a king who was beloved by his kingdom. As he grew old he would hand to he's crown and Stormwind to he's oldest daughter Irene. younger sister Alyda had become jealous and confused why she can't be crowned. Alyda had want the stormwind to her self but Irene had tried to reason with her but Alyda ignore her by her jealouse and had become a monster Alyda had challenge Irene for the kingdom but she refused. Irene had deffeted her and banished her to the a relam where no one can find her one day when Irene Had married to a man she had fall in love. Year's later Irene had a daughter hire to Stormwind. The day she was borne was when the baby went missing and stormwind was broken. Their is a prophecy that one day the missing queen well rise a kingdom and take back the crown of Stormwind. Later a girl name Saphira with dragon magic and healing magic is on a quest to find the missing queen on her quest she goes facing thing's you'll never see and meets new friends.


2. The birth of the missing queen

It has been for week's since the battle with Alyda. In Irene's room where she sat on a chair looking at the fire crackling and popping sound. Trying to forget what happen to Alyda. She heard two knocks from her door "who is it"? asked Irene. "It's me your majesty the general" a deep voice that has a thunder sound from Rhodrolth . "Come in Rhodrolth" Said Irene with joy to have him with her to be her guard. Irene had felt feel in love with Rhodrolth since she meet him. As the door open you could see a bed next to the wall and the foot part facing towards the fireplace. Front of the bed their was Irene sitting in the chair looking at the fire. Rhodrolth looked at Irene's face and see sadness and depressed and confusion why Alyda wanted to kill her.                                

                          "You look exhausted still when you were battling with Aly--" Rhodrolth stopped as he caught him self saying Alyda's name as he stood their in front of the door staring at Irene seeing some tears come down. "Im so sorry Irene I know it's ha-". Irene interrupted him to make sure he didn't hurt her about Alyda. "It's fine I am a little tired after with Alyda" as Irene looked at him. Irene stood up but had tripped Rodrolth caught her. Both looked at each others eye's. Irene blushed "Th-thank you" shacking her words. Rhodrolth looked at her eye's. "Irene I well protect you and be by your side until the end". Irene couldn't help it her lips hit his. Irene looked back "Rodrolth this may sound crazy but". As she stuttered "I love you even though your my guard and I meet you since I was little I had feeling's for you then". Rodrolth frozen and had felt the same. Rodrolth stand on one knee and had grabbed Irene's hand looked at her face with determination. "Irene queen of Stormwind well you marry me, I may not have a ring full with diamonds and have a castle and a kingdom but I well protect you with love and well do anything to make you happy". Irene looked at him and with out thinking "Yes, yes I well marry you" Irene hugged Rodrolth both kissed with true love. 

       A week later the day they got marry was the biggest day ever. Everyone was invited to the wedding All the kingdom. One year later Irene had found out she was going to have a child. Irene and Rodrolth was excited to have their baby. But they didn't know when the baby was born is the day they would be attack. The day came when the baby was born. Irene was galde the pain was gone and happy and relief to hear her baby crying. "Is my baby okay" Asked with Irene with worried. "Yes your majesty, a healthy baby girl" said the midwife. Irene hold her in her arm's. The door's open fast when Rodrolth heard the baby cried and walked up to Irene with his daughter in her arms. He could see the baby with beautiful skin and a dragon mark on her neck on the left side. Irene looked at him with the brightest smile "Do you want to hold her?". Rodrolth was worried he would drop her but he took her and began to cry with tears of joy and happy that he had made a family that he had all was wanted. "We should name her don't you think so" said Irene. Rodrolth looked at her "Can we name her after my mother, her name was Ambriel" With tears coming down. "I love it Ambriel it's a perfect name for her" said Irene. As both celebrate suddenly their was shacking. Both looking around and confused. Suddenly A guard came running in. face covered with ash and dirt."YOUR MAJEST THE KINGDOM IS UNDER ATTACK". Rodroth hand Ambriel back to Irene and stood "Who are we being attack?". Guard looked at the family " By some kind of creatures like shadow's but look's like a dragon". Rodroth whispers "Shadow dragons" Irene know those kind. Rodrolth looked back "You need to get Ambriel and you out of here and go to the mage guild in the mountains where you two should be safe and i'll come back when it's safe to come back I promised" as he kissed Irene's forehead with luck and looked at Ambriel. Rodrolth left to get ready for defending his home. As Irene tried to get up the midwife helped her to get out of their. They got to the stables and a shire has wearing his Saddle. She got on the horse. "Im sorry my queen i have to stay to get my family please go, go protect her my queen". "Im so sorry your majesty" said the midwife with sadness and guilt. "I understand go save your family". As Irene ran in the night holding Ambriel on her right arm. Suddenly as she was almost their Irene woke up on the ground and Ambriel being hold by Alyda and everything went black. Years had past since Irene and Ambreil was missing. As the years past Stormwind had began war with Semerus kingdom. People had said Irene and Ambreil are still alive but one year had past they found Irene but not Ambriel. As Rodrolth greefed with Irene.  As years had past the royal parents had sent a search party every conner in the kingdom but never had succeed to find Ambriel. But a reward is still up for the lost princess but years had past and now are story begins in a cottage in a small town called Dragonsummit. A town that is famous for dragon training. Also for arena battle and is the heart for trading. Anyways back to the story in the cottage of Dragonsummit lives with a family for training baby dragons and for a arena champion. 

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