The Worst Case Scenario

Another poem, this one on the choices we just can't seem to make. Please let me know what you think of it, hehe. :)


1. The Worst Case Scenario


A dilemma stares right at my face,

Pestering me to make my stand,

A few sides call,

Another pleads,

My mind begs to give in and tend to them all.


Both mind and heart has quickened in pace,

My soul crumbles with each demand,

This endless fall,

Trapped with no leads

My emotions burst like an over-pumped ball


This dilemma continues to stare,

Those stone cold eyes glaring with wickedness,

My mind has lost, all rationale crumble,

This world is totally unfair.


This burden is too heavy to bare,

This load feasts on remaining happiness

Choices remain, tossed in a jumble

Leaving me in complete despair.


To have a dilemma is the worst case scenario,

Where equal choices shout out like a broken radio,

Everything affected by that one final decision,

Planning not to choose one is obviously not an option! 

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