The Journey from Kings Cross

Follow Ellie's journey as she gets accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The secrets, drama, romance, friends, and schoolwork.


2. The Letter

"The post is here kids!" Said mom.

"Coming mother!" I said.

I raced down the stairs and it felt like my legs were about to fall off, but they didn't, thankfully. My brother grabbed his supply list for his 4th year and ran upstairs to put on his shoes for our Diagon Alley trip. I took my supply list for my first year and did the same by putting on my shoes and taking my coat off of the rack. We got the Floo Powder and went on our expedition. We didn't have much time because we still needed to eat dinner. So off we went, and I'm not going to lie, I hate Floo Powder, it makes me dizzy. But I'm not old enough to apparate and disapparate, and I can't fly a broomstick, so Floo Powder is really our only option, unfortunately. When we made it to Diagon Alley, I wanted to get an ice cream and some sweets for my trip on the train tomorrow, but mother said she will give me some sickles to buy sweets on the train, but I still wanted ice cream. We started in the robe shop, they starting to sew and a short while later, I got my robe and we left. Then I needed a wand, s we went to Mr.Ollivander's shop, and after a couple tries, I got my wand, which is 10 1/2 inches, cherry wood, unicorn core, if you must know. Then we got my schoolbooks, which isn't really that exciting, then I told mother I wanted a pet, but she didn't think I was responsible enough, so I told her I would pay for it myself, and she gave in. I looked around and I finally decided on a pink Pygmy Puff. We had a short while of time left to waste, so I asked about that ice cream, but mother was already walking into the Three Broomsticks before I could finish my sentence.

         "Mother, I'm quite nervous, what in I get sorted into Slytherin, everyone knows Slytherin is the bad people." I said.

        "No, yes, all the Slytherins are bad guys, no one has ever heard of a bad guy in any other house. But, not all Slytherins are bad guys. Just relax." She said rubbing my shoulder thinking that would comfort me.

       "Yeah sis, it's no big deal, I just hope you don't get Gryffindor, I already have to deal with you enough." My brother, Thomas said.

       "Thomas! Don't say that, oh would you look at the time, we need to get going come on kids, let's just double check we have everything you need." Mother said.


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