Modern Day Romeo

Sixteen year old drama student Marie Jackson attends South Hampton Highschool. After signing up for a dual enrollment class with the local college, she meets Joseph Harding, the local "bad boy". Will she let him get under her skin, or will she get under his?


1. The Beginning

Marie's POV


*Standing in front of the mirror*

Its the first day of junior year... You got this Marie, you've had a million first days, don't be nervous... I cant believe it's finally junior year... Summer was rough, but I just have a feeling that this year is going to be different. Maybe this will be the year that I finally make something of myself and find my place.... As I lace up my converse and pull on my favorite beanie, I take a deep breath and hope that this year will be better... I run downstairs and grab a piece of toast off the counter, rushing past my dad in hopes I can sneak out... "MARIE!" And of course I'm not that lucky... "Sir?" He shoots me the dirtiest look as he rudely responds, "When are you going to stop wearing all that black makeup shit on your face, its really not very becoming of a young lady." I half smirk at him and place a kiss on his cheek, grabbing my car keys. I throw an, "I love you too Dad!" over my shoulder as I practically run out the door. Getting in my car and turning the key, I plug in my phone and put on my Panic! At The Disco Pandora station as I make my way to school.


Joseph's POV


*sitting on the edge of his bed*

It's the first day of senior year... Man what a shit show this is gonna be... Last year at the county's hell hole, might as well make it memorable.... I cant believe this is my last year before I get out of this dead end town. I can hear mom yelling in the other room "C'mon Joseph you're going to be late for your first day if your ass doesn't hurry up." That's my mom alright, charming as ever. " Damn it, Mom I'm coming!", I yell back. I grab my favorite hoodie, and slide it on over my t-shirt, even though it isn't cold outside. I slip my phone in my pocket, one earbud in my right ear, the other dangling in front of  my torso. Rushing out of my room I look in the mirror by the front door, a half smirk appearing on my face as I see my messy bun in the mirror and a pack of Newport's sticking out of my hoodie pocket. I roughly push open the front door, the warm august breeze hitting my face. Shutting the door behind me I sprint to the car, tossing  my bookbag in and closing the door behind me. Here we go...

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