Modern Day Romeo

Sixteen year old drama student Marie Jackson attends South Hampton Highschool. After signing up for a dual enrollment class with the local college, she meets Joseph Harding, the local "bad boy". Will she let him get under her skin, or will she get under his?


2. South Hampton High

Marie's POV

*walking down the hallway*

207, 207, 207... where the hell is it?! I've walked this row of lockers twice trying to locate my new locker. Fuck where is 207?! "Right here love."  Oh my god did I really say that out loud? I slowly turn around to see who was talking. As I come full circle I catch eyes with one of the school bad boys, Joseph Harding. He half smirks at me as he points to my locker. "Oh uhm thank you", I stutter out as I stand there blinking in surprise. I continue to stand there mesmerized as his pulls his hoodie off, showing a bit of skin, and hanging it in his locker, which was right above mine. He goes to turn around and face me again and I drop down to unlock my locker. Using the combination I was given I start beginning to open it. On about the third try, I lose my footing and fall right on my ass. He chuckles lightly as he reaches to help me up. I grasp his hand as he pulls me up and locks eyes with me. "Need a hand with that locker, doll?" I try to stutter out a yes, but after a couple failed attempts I simply hand him the paper with my combination on it. He once again chuckles before squatting down to open my locker. He, of course, gets it open on the first try. Handing me the paper back he stands up, and shuts his locker, turning to walk off. As he walks off he turns around and glances back at me, "Marie right?" I manage to utter a few words in response. "Uh yeah, Joseph, right?" He shoots me a sly wink as he responds, "Yeah, but you can call me Joey." He then turns around and continues walking off.  Fuck Marie what are you doing?




Joey's POV

*walking down the hallway*


Fuck, Joey, what are you getting yourself into now? I walk down the hallway of this hell hole, away from Marie, and in search of my friends. Just as I start to enter the commons I feel someone grab onto my bookbag and start to drag me down. I swing around to see Brenden, one of my best friends, shooting me his dopey grin. "Hey man, haven't seen you in what, 12 hours?" I shook my head and chuckled at him. We hang out all of the time, our whole group of friends does. You'd think that after all the years we would all be sick of one another, but we surprisingly aren't. We have all been close since elementary school. As Brenden and I enter the commons the rest of our friends join us:  Dani, Lea, and Josh. "Hey guys, come here often?" Josh shakes his head and pulls his beanie a little lower and smirks as Dani and Lea embrace Brenden and I in their suffocating grasp. Dani laughs at nothing in particular and proceeds to ask about my classes this semester. As I begin to tell her about the college courses I've decided on taking, Josh interrupts me by blurting "Who was that girl you were talking to at your locker this morning Joey?" Lea smirks at me before muttering an "oooh Joey's found himself someone new to fuck aye?" "None of your god damn business so fuck off, both of you." I quickly turn away and head to my first class, still a bit steamy from their comments. Why am I letting this girl under my skin anyways? It's not like she would ever go for my type of guy anyway. She's too... innocent.. Shit, I better get to class.

*warning bell rings as he rushes to class*


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