I Know You're Out There

Sierra Volcaos, a succubus princess, is sucked into the human world after a bad incident with the Time Masters' son, Oliver Hayes. Meeting up with the human boy she saw in the orb, she finds herself mixed with these feelings she's never had until recently. With her parents desperate to retrieve her and her growing love for the boy. What path will lay its' self before her?


4. The Letter

The room sat quiet and undisturbed while Orpheus and Pricilla sat in the living room with Gladias discussing future events. "Maybe we can just homeschool her now since she probably won't go to school-" A hard slap came to Orpheus' face by Pricilla. Gladias sat in shock, daring to not say a word.

"You dare to talk about school when our dearest baby just found out that she's not even a full bred succubus! She must be crushed about it that's why she ran away to her room! Your approach was very miscalculated; were you even thinking while talking to her?!" Pricilla shouted as she stood before Orpheus who stared up at her.

Orpheus stood making them chest to chest but now towering over Pricilla. A low voice came from his parted lips, with eyes piercing as an arrow; "I told her what she needed to know. Why sugar coat it? She needed to know sooner than later. This is because you sheltered her for so long." He shouldered himself around her before she caught his wrist with her tail, her eyes glowing red now.

"Don't you blame this on me Orpheus, We did what we thought was best for her but we were wrong." Her eyes softened before brimming with tears and collapsing to the floor kneeling. Sobbing terribly, Orpheus turned and held her as if she would break if he tightened his grip, "I'm so sorry Pricilla, I should have listened to you." Glassy eyes turned to Gladias before commanding, "Bring Sierra down here please Gladias, please.."

Without a word, he stood from the cushioned seat, bowed and left for her room. His steps echoed down the hall way as Pricilla broke down even more. Knocking softly on her door Gladias spoke softly, "Sierra, Your parents wish to see you." Waiting for a reply, none came his way. He knocked a bit louder before trying the handle. It was locked. With gaping eyes he banged on the door, "Lady Sierra! I'm coming in!" With the heat of his flame, the lock was melted before he pushed open the large double doors.

Darkness greeted him before he lit his hand aflame, sending out a floating fire ball to illuminate the room. The breath was choked out of him when Sierra's bed was found empty. "Sierra?!" Dashing to her walk in closet, she wasn't there. With the panic rising, he came to her desk where the incantation rested. Taking up the paper he teleported downstairs quickly.

Orpheus stood from his readjusted position with worry struck over his face. His wings unfurled before he flew up to his daughters room quickly. The fireball glowed and floated casually in the room before he clapped for the magic lamp, lighting the whole room. "Sierra?! Sierra?!" Her mother and glades flew in after him searching the room quickly. Her mother collapsed on the bed before a glass shattering scream erupted from her throat.

The glass cracked before shattering, letting in a fierce wind from outside causing the curtain to flow and flutter in the wind. Searching the room, Orpheus' horns grew longer and darker till they were also pitch black like his wings before he stopped in mid motion. Collapsing to his knees, he wept and sobbed like a little child who lost his first toy. A small paper fell before him from the desk. He picked it up gently as the tears flowed down his cheeks. "She left us a letter," Pricilla dashed to her husbands side quickly before reading it together, Gladias steps behind them, reading over them.

" Dear Father, Mother, and Gladias,

I am sorry I could never be the daughter and princess you wanted me to be. So I have left you this one last note to never forget me. Gladias, you were my best friend in the castle. No one probably knew me better than you. Thank you for filling my days with laughter and cheer when I was down. Thank you for taking care of me as you've been ordered, but now, you're free. I'm sorry I had to go but, I've realized now that I don't belong here. Mother, you brought me up when I was down. You gave birth to me, thank you. I'm sorry I'm not a full succubus like you wanted me to be as well as the perfect daughter. I learned and perfected all my magic that you, Gladias, and Father taught me. Thank you for taking care of me. I love you mom. I always will. Father, I'm sure you're disappointed in me but, now you don't have to be. I'm free and you no longer have to take responsibility for a screw up of a daughter. You gave me courage through all those fearful and doubtful times. You helped me see what you've seen. Under my bed there is a box for all of you, precious memory filled objects. I love you most of all father. I love you mother. I love you Gladias. Thank you all for taking care of me and helping me grow up to how I am now. I hope that one day my imperfect self can repay you all ten fold. Until then, I've gone on a journey, please do not fear. I'll be safe being half succubus, and from fathers teaching of defense as well as attacking. I hope one day we can be together again. I love you all. My last good bye to you and all those who helped take care of me.

Your Loving Daughter and Princess,

Sierra Verccia Bonturn"

The tears flowed silently from Orpheus, Pricilla, and Gladias. "She left... Where did she go then?" Pricilla looked up at Gladias emptily. He pulled out a bloodied paper from his white shirt, handing it over to her.

"She opened an orb, though we can't pass through it. Any touch made to it, is unaffected by the other side. She is your daughter Orpheus." Gladias smirked weakly before sitting on the seat in front of the protruding window. Glancing at the locked window.

Smiling weakly, Orpheus stood slowly before turning to the room they had just searched through. Looking proudly around, he nodded slowly with certainty, "She is my daughter, though she has her mothers hair, she has my blue eyes when I'm not angry, " A choked laugh escaped through his lips before he wiped his eyes. "We'll start searching for her tomorrow. Tonight, we should rest before we over think and over look something that could possibly help us bring her back." Orpheus took Pricilla by the waist, bringing her to his side as if she were a pillar for his collapsing current self before walking out with his one and only wife, Gladias following after.

Turning to close the doors, Gladias' brown eyes glanced around before closing the door whispering, "Goodnight, My Lady Sierra..."

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