Simon's Daughter

The boys of One Direction never knew Simon had a daughter and Simon wanted to keep it that way. Simon was very overprotective of his daughter and knew that one of the boys would try to win her over, which gave him the idea of "hiding" her from the boys.

*It may seem pretty lame in the beginning, but it gets better :)*


13. Chapter 13

  Julia's POV:
We all decided that after we ate, we would go to the park. The whole ride to the restaurant and to the park, Harry didn't say a word. I figured I would just talk to him later. Something seemed to be bugging him. When the 7 of us got out of the car, they all ran around liked children.

"Wow, you guys act like animals..." I scoffed, but they just continued to be...well...themselves. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Harry, sitting on a nearby bench. I sighed and walked over to him, while Christa joined the boys by running around. "Hey." I smiled and sat next to him.

"Hi." He bluntly replied, not looking at me.

"I know something's up. Why aren't you being your cheeky self?" I asked, messing with a curl.

"Just...stuff on my mind." He shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked, biting the inside of my cheek. He seemed really down, and I wanted to help him out.

"It's nothing, really." I rolled my eyes, and scoffed.

"C'mon, we're gonna take a walk." I grabbed his hand, and pulled him up beside me. We began to walk, but he still didn't seem up to talk. "Please?" I begged him. He sighed, and I showed him the infamous 'face'. It had a great effect on people when I wanted my way.

"Okay. Well there's this girl. I fancy her, but she just doesn't know yet." He shrugged. I was really good at giving adivce, many people have told me so.

"Well I have some advice for you." I poked his side, and he flinched, but smiled at me. "I think you should tell her. You never know, she may have feelings for you too." I said, smiling widely at him.

"I wish I could...but I just can't." He said all discouraged.

"Harry, sure you can! You're full of confidence, you can do anything! You're Harry Styles!" I exclaimed, giggling a little.

Harry's POV:
Her giggle was so darn cute. She was right, I was Harry Styles. I'm usually confident when it comes to anything. Even girls. But not the girl I fancied. I'm sure Julia didn't even like me back. I doubt she even liked anyone. Maybe she did like me? But I can't tell her just yet.

"It's not that easy, love." I assured her.

"Oh, please. From about everyone and every magazine, you're the biggest flirt. I'm sure they didn't make that up." She laughed a little, and I joined in with her.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. But maybe I'll just wait a while...?" I said, shrugging.

"Do whatever your heart tells you too." She said smiling.

"Could this moment get any cheesier?" I laughed.

"Hey!" She playfully hit my arm. "I couldn't think of anything ese to say!" She giggled again, and I felt goosebumps forming on my arms. She really had an effect on me.

"Want some ice cream?" I asked, pointing to an ice cream truck not too far away. She nodded her head as we walked towards the truck.
Julia's POV:
"Can I have a scoop of vanilla please?" I asked, as the man nodded. I got out some money from my back pocket, and was about to pay, when Harry beat me to it. The man smiled.

"Keep the change." Harry smiled widely as the man hadded us both our ice cream cones.

"Harry! I was about to pay, you didn't have to do that!" I groaned, putting my moeny back in my pocket.

"It was my treat." He shrugged, but smiled at me. I honestly hated when people payed for me. It's not like I don't have my own money. He just laughed but I rolled my eyes. As he tilted his head downwards a little to lick the top of his icecream, I pushed it up onto his face, and he gasped. I stood there laughing at him like an idiot for a couple of seconds until his revenge was returned. We now both had icecream all over our faces, but neither of us cared.

"Hey, you gotta a little something, right..." when I said that, I smashd my cone on top of his head, messing up his curls. "there." I said, laughing hysterically. Before he could return the favor, I ran away from him and he chased after me.

"Julia!" He yelled behind me, but I didn't turn around. I just kept running, until I saw something...peculiar. I looked back quickly, not seeing Harry in my sight, and I dashed behind the bushes, I peeked out a little seeing two figures standing by a tree. Then I saw more closely and I recognized both people. Christa and Zayn were kissing. Christa. And. Zayn. Were. Kissing. Then they stopped and looked at each other.

"We shouldn't tell was just a one-time thing, right?" Christa whispered unsure.

"Yeah, good idea." Zayn said, and they both walked back together to where the rest of the boys were. NO. WAY. Wow, I wonder how long they planned to keep this from everyone. They should really be careful next time. If there is a next time. Then all of a sudden, I felt a larger hand grab me from behind, and something cold and sticky was smashed on top of my head. I turned around, seeing Harry wearing a grin as wide as I've ever seen.

"Gotcha." He said, beginning to laugh at me. Before I had the chance to run at him, he had his phone out, and he snapped a picture of me. He typed soemthing and slid his phone back into his pocket. I felt my phone vibrating so I took it out, and I had a notification from Twitter.

' Revenge is sweet!'. I looked up and glared at him. I wiped as much of the cone off my head as I could, and started running towards him. He darted to where the rest of the gang was, and I jumped on his back.

"Hey!" He shouted, trying to stop himself from laughing. But it was too late. We both laughed, and he tried setting me down, but I was laughing so hard, my bum hit the ground, and so did my ankle. On a tree stump. I shrieked in pain, seeing my ankle starting to turn red. Harry rushed over by my side. Apparently the boys and Christa heard it too, as they ran towards me, crowding around me.

"Oh my gosh...are you okay?" Harry asked, kneeling down beside me.

"Yeah, I think so." Lies. It literally felt like HELL. Christa pushed Harry out of the way, but he didn't mind. Afterall, she was my cousin.

"Julia Anne Cowell you're lying and I know it. C'mon we have to get you to the doctors." She started helping me up when Harry and Niall spoke in unison.

"Here, I'll carry you." They both looked at each other confused. I just shook my head, and grabbed the person who was closest to my side besides Christa. It happened to be Zayn. Helped me up, and he picked me up bridal style, walking us to the car along with the others.

"I'll tell Uncle Simon to meet us at the hospital." Christa said, pulling out her phone. She dialed my dad's number, and told him everything once he picked up. Zayn set me down in the back seat, along with him and Niall. I saw Niall's worried face, and told him 'everything would be fine'.

"Says the girl who's ankle is probably broken." Niall sighed, looking out of the window.
I sat there in one of the hospital rooms, waiting for the doctor to come back. They didn't allow anyone in yet, just to make things easier for the doctors, I guess. Shortly, he came back with a nurse and discussed my x-rays with me. Of course they used all these technical terms which didn't make sense to me, but he put it clearly.

"You're ankle is indeed broken. It isn't minor, but it isn't too bad either. You'll just have to keep a cast on for a while, and it'll feel better in no time!" He gave me a reassuring smile, and I nodded my head. Then he and the nurse propped up my ankle and started wrapping it up, lastly putting over the color of the cast. I requested a light blue, and he wrapped it around.

"Thank you so much." I said, smiling.

"You're very welcome." He said, returning the smile. "Okay, you're all set. You're father has paid and set up the next appointment, so you're free to go." The doctor helped me down, and handed me a pair of crutches. I leaned on them, and made my way out of the room. I immediately saw all of the boys with Christa and my dad. They all stood up from the waiting room, and made their way towards me.

"You ready to go?" My father asked with a smile. I nodded my head, and we walked out of the hospital.
Back at home, daddy let the boys come over and the chefs cooked us dinner.

"May I be the first one to sign your cast?" I heard a familiar irish accent behind me. I turned around and saw Niall standing there with a sharpie. I giggled and nodded my head as I sat down, and lifted my ankle up for him. He signed it, and put a heart by his name.

Niall's POV:
I put a heart by name to show her how much I cared about her. I stood up and smiled down at her, helping her up. When she took my hand, I felt something in my stomach. I guess I was just hungry, but it felt weird. Maybe I'm sick?

"You okay, Niall?" She asked me. Julia snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked back at her, nodding my head. She grabbed her crutches and headed over to where the other boys were.

"I saw that." I heard a voice behind me. I turned around, facing a smirking Zayn.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, trying ot play it off. How could he tell?

"I saw the way you looked at her." He chuckled, pointing to Julia.

"Oh, I think I'm just sick or something." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah.  Love sick." He joked, and hit my arm playfully.

Oh no....

  Lost of love going on... Who will Julia pick?.    
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