Simon's Daughter

The boys of One Direction never knew Simon had a daughter and Simon wanted to keep it that way. Simon was very overprotective of his daughter and knew that one of the boys would try to win her over, which gave him the idea of "hiding" her from the boys.

*It may seem pretty lame in the beginning, but it gets better :)*


1. Chapter 1

Julia's POV:
I just wanted to go home already. School was terrible today like always. I basically have no friends because all the 'friends' I used to have were fake. They only wanted to be my friend for the fame. I've never had it easy in life from the day my father became famous and well known. The only person who really helps me get through all of this and actually supports me is my cousin, Christa. I was so thankful to have her in my life. Today she was flying in from California. Yes, that's right, California. She was american and I was british. So what?

We talked on the phone every night or skyped, but no matter what, we communicated any time we could. Since my father is always busy with work, we never really had the chance to really hang out with each other. Of course we did occasionally, but not regularly. But today, he had a meeting at home for once which I was kind of happy about. He would usually come home from work at 11, which at that time I was either still on the phone with Christa, or finishing up homework.

I walked out of the school building and rushed to the parking lot for my car. As soon as I got in, I started the engine and drove off to my house.
I got home in about 10 minutes, which was a new record for me since there was no traffic today. I typed in the code, making the front gates of my house open, and I ran up to the front steps of my house, quickly opening the door. Christa's plane was supposed to land in about 20 minutes, which barely gave me time to change and get to the airport.

"Hey, Kate! Um, do you know where my father is?" I asked one of the maids in the living room, dusting.

"He should be home in about 3...2...1..." she answered. I turned around seeing my father open the front door smiling. I ran over to him and hugged him quickly, also smiling at him.

"Hi dad, bye dad!" I said, running swiftly over to the long, spiraling, staircase up to my bedroom. I threw on a gray tanktop, dark blue shorts, and my toms. I didn't really care what I was wearing, I just needed something to throw on and go to the airport. I tied my hair into a fishtail braid, and out on some dark shades so I didn't get noticed by paprazzi or anything ( I rushed back downstairs and saw my dad getting ready to go into his office. "Dad, I'm going to pick up Christa, and I'll be home right after!" I rushed over to him and kissed his cheek. I immediately left seeing as though I only had 15 minutes left to rush to the airport which was about 20-25 minutes away.
I arrived at the airport about 10 minutes late, seeing Christa looking arround at the baggage claim. I sneakily went around, and tapped her shoulder smiling.

"Jules!" Christa said, engulfing me in a hug.

"Chrissy!" I replied, smiling and hugging her back.

"I'm so happy to see you! This is going to be the best couple of months ever!" I didn't speak too loudly, not wanting to attract any paprazzi. "Okay lets head home, I think people are staring." she laughed but followed me to my car.
Simon's POV:
I had a meeting with the boys today, just making schedules for reahearsals and what not. I knew Julia went to the airport to pick up Christa, but I wasn't sure what time they'd get back. I quickly grabbed my phone and sent her a text.

To: Julia
From: Me
'Hey Jules, the boys should be over soon. When you come inside, make sure you're quiet, I don't want them knowing you're here. You know the rule. xx'

To: Me
From: Julia
'Yes, dad I know. I'll try not to make a sound. xx'

I didn't want any of the boys knowing about Julia. She's been a secret for 3 years now, and I plan to keep it that way. I know that the second I introduce her, one of them might make a move. I can't have that happening. She means too much to me, and I know the boys' past. It wouldn't be good for their image, and it wouldn't be good for Julia at all. She could start receiving hate and death threats and I can't have that happen.

"Mr. Cowell? The boys are here. May I send them in?" I heard the butler say through the buzzer. I pressed the button and replied back.

"Of course." I answered, releasing my finger from the button and leaning back in my swivel chair. A few moments later, I saw the doors to my office opening up, knowing that it was the boys. I motioned them inside and pointed to the two couches letting them sit.

"Hello, boys." I greeted them with a smile. They all replied back with a 'Hello' or 'Good Afternoon, Simon'. "So today I just wanted to go over some thin-" I was shortly cut off by the sound of a vase breaking. All of their attention was turned to the door. "Um, I'll be back in a moment." I stated nervously. I knew it had to be Julia because all of the maids were dismissed for the day. I sighed, getting up from my chair and making my way out of the office and into the living room. I made sure to close the door so the boys wouldn't follow me or see Julia and Christa.

"Shit." I heard Julia whisper, as I walked up to the two girls. I sighed and looked down at the broken vase.

"Julia Anne Cowell, watch your language." I stated, not too loud, and she apologized. "It's fine, I'll just clean it up later." I shrugged it off and looked over at my niece. "Christa! It is so delightful to see you again!" I gave her a nice hug, and she hugged me back. "Okay, you girls go up to your room and we'll chat later, okay?" I pat Julia lightly on her back as they tip-toed upstairs into her room. I sighed clearing my thoughts and made my way back to my office.


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