1. Laxmikanth


I am pretty and many a man has been in love with me.  However I was not interested in marriage. I wanted to achieve great things in life and I did.  Money I made but I was already rich. My Dad was a Doctor and he had plenty of ancestral property. My grand dad gifted me a house to live in when I was 21.  I have lived in the house ever since.  Sometimes alone, sometimes with family.  The house was designed such that I could maintain it without any trouble. I am a happy go lucky kind of person and God has blessed me with a cheerful nature.  As a doctor my speciality was pain relief. A lot of it without medication.

I was happy with my life and then Laxmikanth walked into my life. He is European born who had just moved to the USA to claim his US citizenship.   He wanted me to sign some papers for him.  I was 34 and I remember the day vividly.  I had asked him to meet me at the beach front at 7 pm on a cool summer’s evening, where I was meeting up with a friend. 

He asked where he could get long term accommodation and also he needed remotes to his car.  I gave him 2 contacts. I make a commission out of referring people, so I make some good money on the side.  I don’t throw freebies :-0. I have been taught to value every dollar I make.  Laxmikanth started following me around. I would see him in the most unexpected of places.  I wondered why ! Maybe he needed friends. I was not interested.  After all what did I know about him. I told him of a few clubs he could join and he was very grateful.  After that I did not see him for a while.  If he wanted he could always call me.  He knew where I could be reached. I figured he fancied me and was playing it down. I made a few enquires and realised he was not new to the city and had friends.  I decided to get info on him and see what he really looked like. It looked like he was wearing a wig.  My faithful long time friend decided to photograph him unawares.  What I got really shook me. Here was one of the most handsome fellows I have seen and he had a winning smile.  He was not as rich as us but that could be fixed. I could get him a job that had great returns.  I figured I would date him.  The last time dated him was in university. I am now in my mid 30’s. Imagine falling in love at my age.  But it had happened. I knew he was the one.  I got to know everything about him. I was discreet and he never caught on.  I arranged to meet him at one of the clubs where people get to know each and also play games. You don’t have to be rich to be a member. To be a member of the club is a privilege.  He was delighted to see me but played it down.  He avoided me the whole evening. He was not yet aware he was in love with me. He was a confirmed bachelor, just as I was a Bachelorette. I smiled. I knew enough about men to know he would be mine. 
And so one thing led to another and we made love in a plush Motel suite.  We thought of telling our family but never got around to doing so.  We finally figured it would stay between us. Neither of us is serious about marriage.  The commitment is there and that is all that matters. I like my freedom and independence.  I continue to live in my house and every so often I see him at many events.  Just a look from him and I am satisfied.  One day we will make love again. We are in no hurry.  How I love my Laxmikanth. He in return is happy to have found someone who understands his need to be a Bachelor. :-0

************The End************ 

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