Universial (ON HOLD)

What if I told you there was another universe out there? With living, breathing, humans? Well there was. In 1937, a secret mission was sent out by the United Nations(UN) on January 13th 1937. The ship crash landed. We stayed on this new planet, similar to earth, for about a year. During that time, we fixed the ship and were able to navigate our continents. Some people stayed on this new planet. Some came down back to earth with me. Just as we entered the earth's atmosphere, an incoming mediator hit us. I was one of the 3 people that survived the trip back to earth.


8. January, Sunday, 15th 1937

(A/N hello people!!! So just wanted to let you know before i start writing, at some parts you will see, have been edited pretty well, and others not so much. This is because the edited parts were writtin on my ipod, on notes with ato correct. The less edited parts are on the computer.) 






January, Sunday, 15th, 1937, 9:23 am

      The breakfast was disgusting. There was either bread with jam and butter, or jam and butter with bread. It must have been 3 years old bread, because iv beem gagging ever since i ate. I am also very very tired. I slept, than woke up, than slept, and awoke. 






January, Sunday, 15th, 1937, 10:03 pm

       Were closer than we think to this new planet, captain May thinks we could be there in another 2 days. YAYYY!! 

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