Moon Dust

"The brightness of the sun,
will give me just enough,
to bury my love, in the moondust.
I long to hear your voice,
but still, I make the choice
to bury my love,
in the moondust." ~ Jaymes Young "Moondust"


1. Introduction


Everything was silent. 

The walls, the people in the room, and the roof that usually creaks and groans were now eerily quiet. It was like everything in this house and every piece of nature outside wanted someone to hear my cries. No one could pity me as much as I pitied myself. Constantly, I questioned my faith and the meaning I had put upon my own life just so I could blame myself and not him. He didn't deserve to be blamed or put at fault because he was already broken. I hadn't noticed that I was broken also until he walked out of my life, slamming the door behind him and slanting the pictures we drew on the wall, the wall we had both created. Not only to protect our fragile love but, to protect our minds from wandering off into something it could never return from. 

I didn't work hard enough on that wall. He placed brick on top of brick and even added a thick layer of cement for us, but I just stood there and decorated it with our smiles, laughs, and poems. His mind wandered and I couldn't jump high enough to catch it before it went away and came back to cast a shadow on us both.




He was in love with the moon.
And I have to remember that if I ever feel lonely, I can look at the moon and know that he's looking at it too. 





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