Stranger things have happened.

Pirates roam the seas of the West Indies. Alduin has just been defeated. Their worlds where turned upside down when two strangers from Nirn are dropped into the middle of the Golden Age of piracy.


1. Bound by chains.

The room felt dingy, cold, damp against her slightly tan skin. Her arms were taunt above her head pulling at her chest muscles, the whole weight of her body was pulling on the two appendages, straining to hold her weight up. Her head rested on her chest, long shaggy dirty blonde her fell over her face. There was a strain on the back of her neck and shoulders. She was sitting on the cobblestone floor, legs splayed before her, ankles cuffed, the damp soaked through her ragged trousers, leaving her wet and cold. 
Taking a deep breath, she lifted her head, groaning slightly as her cramped muscles woke up. Opening her eyes slowly, her vision blurred, the room was rather dark. As she gained some form vision she looked quickly round the room to get her bearings. 

It was a small dark room, all made of cobblestone. The only light that graced the room was that of a torch scone in the hallway, illuminating the iron bars that formed a barrier between herself and the hallway. She was sitting in an unfamiliar cell. Her eyes flicked to the cell opposite her, across the hall. A figure shifted, moving slightly closer to the bars. 
"Glad t' see you awake" the person spoke, their voice echoed down the hall. 
"I'm guessing this is some form of holding cell" the woman croaked out. Her mouth the dry like the deserts of hammerfell and her throat sore.
"An' you'd be correct" the figure chuckled lightly, there was a rasp to the voice.
"And where is this place located..?" She swallowed hard trying to moisten her constricting throat.
"Th' one in Nassau lass" the figure moved closer to the bars. Their features were illuminated in the dull hue of the scones. 
It was a woman, wearing the same rags. She was pale, thin, almost gaunt looking. Her dark shoulder length hair was sporadically beaded, she had a scar down her face, it cut into the middle of her eyebrow and down to her right cheek bone. Her thin red lips were dry and cracked. Her hazel eyes looked sunken and bloodshot, as dark circles surrounded her eyes. 
"Name's Mary...Mary Read" she smiled and nodded at the other woman.
"Ireth...Simuliaré" the tanned woman spoke.
"Ye are not from 'round 'ere are ye" Mary asked, sitting in front of the iron bars.
"I guess not" she huffed. Her mind was racing, where in the nine was she..?, why was she in prison...? Just before she could ask Mary a question there was a rattling in the cell next to her. Ireth heard a groan, a familiar groan at that.
"By Nocturnal's twilight, what in the name of sovngarde is this" the voice shouted, rattling the chains harder. 
"BRYN IS THAT YOU!" Ireth called.
"The one and only" the Scottish voice called back. Ireth could just imagine the smirk on his face.
"We are sitting in prison and you're still being a smug asshole" Ireth shouted back.
"Ladies man of the Guild thank you very much...wait is that you Effy " he chuckled back.
"Oh I do love you, you beautiful bastard, Yes it is I" Ireth laughed heartily. So at least she wasn't alone in the escapade.

Mary silently watched the two new strangers shouting at each other. A small smile pulled at the corners of her lips, at least she wasn't alone in this hallway anymore, people have come and gone but recently she had been alone for a longer period of time and it had driven her insane. She squinted hard as she tried to look at the woman with a strange name opposite her. When she threw her head back and laughed, Mary got a good look at her. 
The dim light and shadows made the woman look huge, her eyes were strange. One was a bright amber, and the other one was pure white, she could just about make out the scars that marred part of her face. The thing that caught Mary's attention was the tips of her ears poking out from underneath her matted untamed hair. Mary replayed their conversation in her head, the male known as Bryn mentioned something about a guild. 

"So what the hell is going on" he asked, his voice turned serious, rattling the chains on his wrists. 
"Well as you probably can't tell, you're sitting in a cell" Ireth giggled, bending her knees as bought her legs closer to herself. She got herself into a squatting position and forced herself to stand up. She yanked at the chains connecting her arms to the walls, her muscles flexed. She could feel the lactic acid building in her arms already. She hissed as her muscles cramped and she dropped to her knees.
"Why am I in these things" she growled loud enough for Mary to hear.
"When they bought ye down 'ere, ye were kicking and screaming something in a different language, it took 8 guards to get ye in there and the chains on" Mary chuckled at the memory.
"That sounds like my lass" Brynjolf laughed.
"I don't remember anything" Ireth mumbled. "Can you tell me about the language I was shouting in...?" She asked raising an eyebrow.
"It was deep, seemed other worldly, nothin' I've ever 'eard before" Mary shrugged slightly. "There was a phrase you kept repeating though" Mary scratched the back of her head, and shifted uncomfortably in her spot. That voice plagued her dreams the night before, then during the day they bought this woman down who was repeating everything in the dream. 
"Can you remember what that phrase was...?" Ireth asked, she didn't really know any other language, beside's being able to write Daedric but that didn't count really. 
"Yeah it was something like...Zu'u fent kipraan nau hin sil ko sovngarde" Mary tried her hardest to pronounce every word like Ireth had the day before, she didn't want to get it wrong and butcher the pronunciation.
"Zu'u fent..kipraan..nau..hin sil..ko.." Ireth repeated back to herself, lowly. 
"What does that mean lass...?" Brynjolf asked from the other cell.
"It's in dovahzul" She called back.
"That's dragon language isn't it..?" Brynjolf questioned.
"Yeah" Ireth called.
After a couple of minutes she deciphered the dovahzul. 
"I think I remember...Alduin used that phrase once..upon the throat of the world, it was something he said to me, before saying that I was arrogant for not knowing dovahzul" Ireth smiled at the realisation and laughed hard. It was a right guttural, feral laugh, one that pulled at her stomach, rasped at her throat, and wheezed every time she took a breath.
"What's so funny..?" Mary questioned raising an eyebrow at the woman who was now doubled over on her knees, her whole body shaking with laughter, the chains rattled in time with her shaking body.
"I can tell from that laugh you have figured it out" Brynjolf was laughing now. Ireth's laugh had always made everyone around her laugh, it was infectious, but the problem was that whenever somebody laughed at her she got louder and worse. When she couldn't stop laughing Mary started. The three of them were laughing so much that it echoed down the halls, and the louder they got, the louder the echo.

Ireth took a deep breath to calm herself down so she could tell the waiting ears what it meant.
"It means" she tried to get out through her giggling. "It means...I will feast on your souls in sovngarde" Ireth took a deep breath as the tears of pure laughter cascaded down her cheeks. 
"Oh Talos above, I bet they thought you were a total nut" Brynjolf chuckled. 
"Well if they thought that was bad they should see me when either Sheogorath or Hircine pays me a visit" Ireth giggled. 
"Agent of all daedric princes, loyal to none" Brynjolf quipped.
"Oi. I can't help it, they always seem to choose me, that's not my fault" Ireth snapped.
"Maybe you should stop being good at your job then" Brynjolf jested.
Mary watched in pure confusion, what in Davey Jones' locker were they talking about. 
"Bryn can we change the subject please, our new friend doesn't have a clue what we are talking about" Ireth hissed through gritted teeth. Mary's small smile grew wider as she heard them words fall from her lips. Mary was not really a soft person, but being locked up for the last god knows how long on your own, does something to your mental stability and sanity.
"I'm so sorry lass, I didn't mean to be rude. Name's Brynjolf" Bryn laughed.
"Mary" she spoke loud enough for him to hear.
"So what brings you here Mary" Brynjolf asked quizzically.
"Was convicted of being a pirate. Well I say that I still am a pirate. Used t' dress like a man though. Others don't take t' kindly to a female pirate." Mary giggled at the fond memories.
"How long have you been down here for..?" Bryn asked.
"Errm for about five years roughly, thought they were gonna hang me when they first caught me but they didn't. I was pregnant at the time, threw me in 'ere till I had the child. Once she was born they took 'er away from me, never seen her since. Thought they were going to execute me but they just left me 'ere instead." Mary whimpered softly.
"Hey...don't go getting upset on me, I don't deal well with emotions" Bryn snapped.
"Oi. You better hold your damn tongue boy, before I bust out of these chains, tear down this partitioning wall and knock your damn teeth in" Ireth snarled at the wall. 
She loved Brynjolf to bits but there were times that he was inappropriate and needed to be bought down a peg or ten. Mary giggled a little bit at this and a light blush stained her cheeks.
She could see that Ireth was strong with emotions but protective and empathetic.
"You wouldn't do that, you love me too much lass" Ireth could hear the smugness in his voice and could sense the smirk on his face, this irked her on.
"Carry on lad and I'll personally send you to Sithis" Ireth raised an eyebrow awaiting his response, smirking at the cobblestone wall dividing their cells. It was quiet for a second until "Oh that's it betray the guild for the brotherhood" Brynjolf quirked.
"Way ahead of ya" Ireth chuckled. 
"Okay...okay...I'm sorry Mary" Brynjolf apologised quickly. In all honesty he was scared of Ireth and with good reason. He saw her get into a scuffle with some bandits once and he saw her tear them apart, even with her bare hands once her weapon was knocked out and away from her. It was like a primal instinct that drove her to carry on. A bit like if an Orc hits the berserker rage. 
"Say it like you mean it, or so help me Nocturnal I will rip your tongue out and feed it back to you" She hissed.
"I am very sorry for what I said Mary" He sounded apologetic enough for Ireth's liking.

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