One Sentence

Give me one sentence and I'll give you a short story based around, and containing, that sentence.
All I need is one sentence
Any sentence

CAUTION: this is green but there's a bit of cursing in a few of these. Nothing too traumatic but it's there all the same

A/N: I haven't seen this around anywhere so if you get the idea/inspiration to do this or something of the like from this credit me please and thanks


4. Envelopes are a magical food.

(Request from a friend)

"Come on." She dragged him along the hallway. He might be one of the smartest beings in the galaxy, but he never knew the right amount to eat, "Why do you always try to do that?" She asked setting him down on a chair in the sitting room.

"Envelopes are a magical food, and they open your mind to understand things past this universe. Only-" He shifted in his maroon leather armchair, "-I still don't understand Gravity." She rolled her eyes.

"Gravity? Is that the theory that something invisible could hold you to the planet?" He nodded and rubbed his temple.

"I always get to the same point." He sighed, "I see water falling from the sky, and I see people falling, and walking around without shoes, and just as the pictures of how the device works show up I crash." She sighed at him and rubbed his knee.

"Well, just be careful while trying to understand the next world's universe. It's dangerous over there." He nodded in response. Though she had never tried Envelopes he had told her of the horrors on the surface of, what they called Tepluoter2, so it was no surprise if she was to, once again tell him to be careful.

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