A girl with the ability to transform into anyone but does not know her true identity or who her parents are and a young man who was a former general turned fugitive with the ability to fly and superhuman strength must team up to escape those that want them dead.


13. 13

Gabriel reached the top of the stairs and looked around the corner to see the guards outside the room and he whispered to himself, “Now to take care of the guards outside.” In a flash he flew and tackled both the guards at the same time as he stopped at the far end of the hallway and set the unconscious guards down before flying straight back to the door to room 1216 and straightened his tuxedo.  Gabriel said, “Whenever your ready.” And Gabriel used his x-ray vision and witnessed Knowna opening her fur coat to the military officer and at that moment she changed into her natural dark green form and the officer’s expression changed from smiling to shear terror and Gabriel heard Knowna ask, “What’s the matter?” Then Gabriel saw the two guards just beyond the door look at their wrists and then hurriedly moved towards the doors in front of them (where Knowna and the officer are) and at that moment Gabriel charged and smashed the door in front of him to pieces as the guards just reached the doors on the other side and before they could turn back Gabriel immediately grabbed both of their heads and slammed them together rendering them unconscious.  Gabriel then opened the doors and saw Knowna with her fur coat wrapped around the military officer’s throat and had him kneeling in front of her, facing the doors, and the officer began choking as Knowna glared down at him intently.  Gabriel looked at Knowna with concern as he spoke, “Knowna we need him alive.” Knowna continued to choke the officer as he tried to pull her hands and the fur coat away but without success and Knowna continued to glare down at him, as if ignoring Gabriel, and Gabriel yelled out, “Knowna!” The officer passed out and Knowna loosened her grip as the officer crumpled to the floor.  Knowna looked up at Gabriel as he looked at her grimly and she spoke (unfazed), “I got this.” In a blink of an eye Gabriel disappeared and reappeared with all four of the guards in the room and he closed the doors behind him before zip tying their hands as Knowna looked at the letter on the table and an invitation notice and she said, “It looks like our friend is not only going to a peace summit but possibly meet more of his friends.” Gabriel went around the table and looked at the same documents Knowna is looking at and he said, “You’re right.  Then that means in the morning you have to assume his identity and go with his colleagues to the peace summit and see what is so important in this meeting.” Knowna asked, “Then how will I explain the smashed front door?” Gabriel pulled out a hand held radio and spoke, “Toads, we are all clear.” Toads exclaimed, “Thank God!” Gabriel and Knowna looked puzzled and Gabriel asked, “Can you get a hold of a couple of doors?” There was a short silence till they heard Toads yelp in frustration (That made Knowna almost laugh), “God damnit!  I didn’t sign up to be the clean up boy!” They both tried to stifle a laugh but Knowna failed as they heard Toads sigh and replied, “I’ll see what I can do.” When Gabriel put the radio away Knowna looked at the unconscious men and asked, “What are we going to do about them?” Gabriel looked at them, smirked and replied, “I know exactly what to do.” In a flash, Gabriel tied them all up, gagged them and shoved them in the standup closet before closing the doors and snapped the door handles off with ease before tossing them aside.  Gabriel then turned to Knowna as he dusted off his hands and said, “I think we’ll stay here for tonight.” Knowna looked at him like he is crazy and asked, “What?  Are you crazy?” Before Gabriel could reply there was a hard knock at the front doors and Toads called out, “Your doors are here wrecking ball!” Gabriel moved towards the doors and spoke (as if to answer Knowna’s puzzled expression), “Looks like Toads can’t wait to get out of the club.” And he opened the front doors and Toads shoved past him with a frustrated look still imprinted on his face as he grumbled.

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