Guarding My Heart

May works at a Resort where all of the most famous people in the world vacation at. She is a Life Guards for the one of the many pools, But the pool isn't the only thing she has to guard. A long summer, hot guys, and lots of flirting. She has her heart to guard too.


3. Cast


this is the cast as of now, feel free to ignore this if you like to imagine the characters differently. For people will be added to the cast as we continue with the story.

*Photo credits to people who took photos and to google*  


Chapter 1 Cast:

Marigold Tyler played as - Gigi Hadid


Ryan Tyler played as- Dylan O'Brien

Stella Tyler played as - Maddie Ziegler

Mrs. Tyler played as- Angelina Jolie 

Steven played as- Ryan Gosling

Leon played as - Charlie Puth


more characters to come.... 



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