Guarding My Heart

May works at a Resort where all of the most famous people in the world vacation at. She is a Life Guards for the one of the many pools, But the pool isn't the only thing she has to guard. A long summer, hot guys, and lots of flirting. She has her heart to guard too.


1. Note

Guarding My Heart


Hi everyone New story!!!! first chapter will be published soon... sometime today... lets try to get a couple reads by then.

This story ideas, characters, and everything else is solely made by me. Do not copy or use any of these ideas without asking me.

If you have any Celebrities that you want to be in the book just leave a comment and a like and they will be added.

All Covers, banners, and art ect. will be accepted

this story will be added to wattpad soon 

First chapter should be added in the next hour

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May Tyler is in a desperate need for money to pay for college. Her Uncle offers her a job at the Resort he works at. What she does not know is the resort is the one and only Rifftale. This Rifftale is the most expensive vacationing place in the country and is well know for being a popular vacationing stop for celebrities. Hired as a Life Guard with little experience she must survive the summer not only saving people from drowning, but also from hot guys who happen to include celebrities, drama mostly from the Kardashians, and deciding if a chance at love is more important than a college.


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