Head of the Household

Victoria is the head of a household on a homestead in the midwest, in a time before modern conveniences, She is responsible for her 16 siblings and father after her mother passed. Now that she is 18 she will be choosing a husband and just when she thinks everything can just be normal; He comes back into her life and makes her feel everything she thought she never could feel again.


1. One

Another day, just like any other I woke up in my bed right in front of the wood stove on the edge of the kitchen. Its just starting to get low, I grab the last few chopped logs and throw them in the door then walk into the main kitchen. I start the usual breakfast for a full day of labor. Two pounds of bacon, two dozen eggs and a loaf and a half of homemade bread from yesterday toasted with fresh jam. Once I finished and everything is on the table ready for the family I go up to the kids room and wake the four youngest.

            Maggie, Matthew, Nathan and Sandra all wake up slow but I get them into the acceptable outfit and braid the girls hair to keep it off their face in class. They run down as I hear the rest of the kids and Dad come in from the cabin on the other side of the yard.

            When all of us are assembled around the table we dig in and discuss the day ahead. Dad and the boys that are out of school will finish the house on Tracy and tommy’s land, and when the girls and the younger kids get home from school they will haul more wood and finish the chores on the homestead. Rodger and I are unmarried but only 18 so we are done with school so we will clean the house prep food for the winter. Rodger will clean out the rest of the garden and bring in the foods that are ready to be canned for me.

            The day starts slow once the kids are all off to school with lunch and books in hand and the older boys are all off to the job Rodger and I take our time starting the chores for the day. The two of us start with an inventory of what is left over from last winter and how much we might need to stretch the crop this year to make it through the winter with all 16 kids and dad.

            When I finally get to the dishes from breakfast I find myself staring out the window dreaming of him. I know I am close to my birthday, it being my 19th I will be able to choose my husband and if his mother agrees we get married after about a month. I keep thinking about his lips all I want is to kiss them I want to kiss them and never come up for air. Rodger burst through the door interrupting my dream.

            “I have tons of beats two baskets of raspberry’s and black berries and a who basket of sweet corn, squash, and I found 6 more pumpkins we didn’t see before.”

            “Good we can do the corn for dinner with the fish from this weekend and the rest we can get into jars in the cellar for winter.”

            I start the dishes but my mind quickly goes back to my daydream wondering if it is possible to ever end up with him. Kissing those lips every day the rest of my life.

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