Falling Into Misery (For AU contest)

Evelyn Mackeral is building a puzzle with her crush in a café. Next thing she knows she's in a whole new world with a whole new set of rules. Will she be able to fit in and most importantly, will she be able to get back?


1. Through the world beyond

Average. That's what I am, Average. I have brown hair down to my shoulders and blue-ish green eyes, well I admit my eyes are out of the ordinary but no one cares. So when my crush, Dwight Babbit, asked me to go to the café with him I thought my eyes were playing tricks. Now I know what your thinking, what kind of name is Dwight Babbit? Well, i'm not sure but I know he's cute. We were walking down the road to the cafe and walked in the door slowly. I was staring into his pale grey eyes when I ran into the door.

"Ouch." my nose got turned up and my toe pushed back. 

"Are you okay?" Dwight pulled me aside and checked my nose. He carresed my face gently and whispered, "Your okay." I couldn't help but smile and nod through the pain. We walked into the cafe and sat down at a table in the far back. I had no idea what he had planned but I was hoping something romantic. He lifted his back off the ground and pulled out,

"A puzzle?" I asked sarcasticly.

"A puzzle." Dwight smiled back. "Great for the mind, makes the heart strong." 

We made the puzzle for at least an hour before we were done. That is, almost done. I had put in the second to last piece when I realized that,

"The last piece!" I yelled loudly. Some people looked over and I smiled weakly. "It's missing."

"Come here. I think I know where it might be." Dwight smirked, leaning in close to me. I took the wrong hint and leaned in puckering my lips. Suddenly I felt something brush my ear and opened my eyes.

"It was right behind your ear, silly." Dwight held the last piece between his fingers while I sat there looking like an idiot. I sat back as girlish as I could while Dwight suppressed a laugh. He then leaned in again, but I stayed back, not wanting to fall for his trick again. He looked up at me.

"Come here." he took my hand and pulled me in towards the puzzle. He put my hand on his and guided the puzzle piece into place. "A perfect fit." he remarked and looked up at me. Our faces were less than an inch away. He looked me right in the eye and kissed me hard on the lips. He pulled back with a smirk on his face. I smiled but his smirk didn't fade away to another kiss. It stayed there hauntingly. I looked down at the puzzle to see it swirling with a variety of vibrant colors. Suddenly Dwight's face became small and I felt one last touch of his hand before my whole body slipped into the puzzle.


Down down down I go, when will I stop? Nobody knows. My version of the old nursery rhyme rang through my head as I fell down this huge tunnel screaming my lungs out. I could still see a bit of purple and pink but the colors were spiraling above me and below me was pitch black. I reached my hand up, amongst the chaos around me, and tried to grab the last whisp of pink but my hand slipped it's grasp. I fell into the darkness and it surrounded me. I screamed, louder and louder till my voice was almost gone. I didn't even feel like I was falling anymore. I slowly came to a stop and glided down till my feet touched the ground. I was now standing in a grass field but the weird thing was I was touching tile flooring. This flooring went on in a scattered michmatched path in front of me.

"I'm dreaming." I whispered to myself. "I'm dreaming!" I lifted up my hand and slapped myself in the face. I felt an immense pain on my cheek and shut my eyes tight. I expected to open them to my bedroom. I reopened them to more immense pain in this grass field. The pain faded away slowly after a while and I found myself dwindling on that kiss that I'd gotten. It had been my first but it wasn't like I had wanted it at all. I mean, the person was right, the setting was right but this? This was absurd. I couldn't get that smug look on his face out of my head and soon my feet carried down the scattered tile path towards a stone wall.

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