Break On Me

"Maybe it's not about the happy ending.. Maybe it's about the story."

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what is, and it’s hard to go along with something even though you know you could do better.. But how come it’s so easy to slip up? So easy to say the wrong thing, use the wrong words, or even make the wrong moves? Sometimes we just all need to break.. in more ways than just mentally. I want you to know, that no matter what, I will always be here for you.. whether you like it or not, if you want me here or if you want me to live.. If you love me, or if you hate.. You can always break on me baby.

We loose ourselves in the things we love, we find ourselves there too..


24. Chapter 023

I let out a moan as Emmy dug her butt down on to my lap, knowing exactly what she was doing. She giggled in return as she pressed her soft lips against my neck. My hands grip her waist, her soft skin feeling good against mine.
“Mmm, baby. You’re not being too shy now.’’ I mumble as I pull her body closer to mine, her ass rubbing against me just right.
“I try my best.’’ She whispers in my ear, I felt her smile against my skin.
“You’re doing.. great, don’t stop.’’ I say as I press my lips against her neck, just starting a new mark on her gorgeous skin – adding another property tag to her.
She moans lightly, her teeth nipping at my shoulder as she tried to keep herself collected. I really wanted to stop this playing around and get in her, but yet again I knew she liked this and whatever she liked to do was what we were going to do.
“Mmm.. Harry.. you’re.. mmm.’’ She stops herself from continuing, but I knew exactly what she was referring to.
“You got me hard baby.. I can’t until I get to get in that tight-‘’
“Ah, Harry.’’ Emmy moans out, cutting me off.
I grab her hips and hold her down harder as she works on me. I honestly think she’s about to have an orgasm, at least it seems that way.
“Please.. I need you, now.’’ She says with a gasp leaving those pretty lips.
I give her a smirk as I grab a hold onto her waist good. As I stand up, she gives me another little giggle while wrapping her arms around my neck, nuzzling her face into the crook of my neck, those little fingers tangled up in my hair as usual. With a swift move, I turn around and place her on the bed, soon getting above her. My elbows dug into the mattress on either side of her head, my lips brushing hers as she pulls me closer to her.
“Relax.’’ Emmy whispers into my ear, most likely noticing how tense I am – just trying to control myself.
She spreads those beautiful legs, allowing me to sink my lower body down. She wraps her legs around the back of my thighs, pushing me closer and keeping me in place. I smirk against her plump, pink lips as she stares up at me, amazement in her eyes.
“You’re so beautiful.’’ She mumbles the words to me, her lips rubbing against mine.
“No, you’re beautiful.” I remind her as I place a soft kiss against her lips.
My hand gripped her waist as I lead us into another steamy kiss. Emmy moaned into my mouth as I pressed myself harder onto her. A smirk came across my lips as I felt her fingernails digging into my shoulder blades – she was ready, and that was a fact.
I allow my hand to slide down between us as I lift my body up some. I cup my hand between Emmy’s legs, knowing she’d like this better than me just pushing myself on her. She moved one of her hands to my chest, the other clinging to my shoulder.
Emmy pushes me up some, freeing her lips of mine. She sighs to me, looking into my eyes, “Harry.. we don’t have time-‘’ I cut off her sentence, besides it was false anyways.
“We have plenty of time, baby.. relax.” I assure her as I gently rub my nose against her, she’s adores that little gesture. I don’t get much in return, just a nod.

Harry’s piercing green eyes stared into mine as his fingers hooked around the thin waist band of my underwear, his hand quickly sliding under it. I gasped as I felt his cold fingers against me. That sexy smirk crept onto his face as he slowly slid his finger down my sex – there was a list of things Harry was good at, and this was definitely somewhere on the top of that list.
“Harry.’’ I moaned out his name like it was all I could say, my heart skipping a beat as he slide a finger into my entrance, slow and steady.
“Shhh...’’ He smiles lightly at me as he continues with the easy pace.
My eyes rolled back as I felt his thumb apply pressure to my clitoris, my heart skipping a beat. Harry’s tongue swiped his bottom lip, a sign that he was thinking something very vulgar. At the moment, I was quite fine with those kind of things..
“Please.. I need you.’’ The words escaped my mouth in a slight gasp as he picked up the pace of this fingers.
“I know baby.. you’re about to get it, just let me make sure it’s good down here.’’ He gives me a wink as he speeds up again, sending me far over the edge.
Harry’s name left my mouth in a scream, a loud one at that. I didn’t know what else to say other than that beautiful name he was given. He was all I want, all I need. A ramble of begs and pleads followed my yell as I awaited what I wanted next, what he was going to give to me next.
I let out a whimper as I lost contact with his hand. My lips turn to a frown as I watch him sit up, his eyes on me. He gives me a smirk just as he brings his hand up to his mouth, licking his lips as he keeps his eyes on me. I feel my cheeks fluster as I watch him stick his fingers into his mouth, closing his lips around them.
My cheeks burn at the sight before me, I wasn’t embarrassed – in fact, I was rather excited about it. Harry finally cleans my release from his fingers, that smirk appearing again. I watch him closely as he gets off the bed and goes over to the nightstand.
He looks over his shoulder at me, smirking at me once again before looking back to the drawer. I watch him pull out the box and reach his hand inside of it. Harry doesn’t take much longer as he shuts the drawer and stands up.
“Hurry up.’’ I smile a little as I close my legs, feeling the cool air was bothering me a tad in certain places.
My eyes wonder over to Harry as he replies to me, “Patience, baby.’’ He gives me a smile as he drops his boxers and climbs back onto the bed.
Honestly I couldn’t stop myself from looking at everything that made him a man – I guess I was just hormonal and in the mood. He rolls the condom onto his shaft quickly, trying to please my needs.
“C’mere, beautiful.’’ He whispers as he leans down a little, sliding his arms under me.
Harry lifts me up to a sitting position, I press my hands down into the mattress to better steady myself for him. His fingertips brush my back as he unfastens the clasp on my bar, pulling it off my arms and tossing it onto the floor, just for him to pick it up later on.
“Lay back, love.’’ Harry mumbles with a smile on that beautiful face.
I do as he asks and lie back down on the soft mattress. His hands find their way to my hips, my knees still up as he begins the almost final step. Harry’s fingers grab the waist band of my panties on either side, pulling them down my legs in a quick, swift move.
He doesn’t have to ask me – I lift my legs up so he could get them off completely. They soon join the rest of our discarded clothing on the floor.
“Wait!’’ I say suddenly just as Harry was about to push my legs apart.
“Yeah?’’ He asks, furrowing his eyebrows lightly at me, I could tell he really had some concern as to what was wrong.
“I’m cold.’’ I whisper out, I just didn’t want to sound entirely stupid.
I figured Harry would get an attitude with me, as he would any other time, but he actually doesn’t. A smile showed up on his face as he nodded to me.
“Slide under the cover, baby.’’ He says as he gets off the bed once again, sadly though.
Quickly I do as he insists and get under the soft, warm covers. I knew his body would be warm against mine, so I would get to be more comfortable soon. Harry pulled the covers back a little so he could join me, resting his lower half between my legs, his lips on mine for a few seconds.
“I love you.’’ He whispers as he leans up a little, his hands on either side of my body holding him up.
“I love you, too.’’ I reply in a soft tone just as he lifts himself up a little more so he could get himself positioned.
My lip gets stuck between my teeth as I await the feeling I would soon receive. I heard Harry groan just as the pressure came upon me. I gasped at the feeling entering me, wrapping my hands around Harry’s biceps.
He didn’t take any time to lean down and be closer to me. He started off slow, as he normally does, and keeps himself at a nice pace. He knew it would take a minute for me to get used to the feeling, especially after it being so long since we’ve done this. Entirely too long.
“You feel.. fucking amazing.’’ Harry sighs into my ear as he rests his forehead in the crook of my neck.
I couldn’t find the energy or the focus to reply to him, so I just put my arms around his torso and held him closer to me, very close. My fingertips dug into his warm skin as he got a little faster with his thrusts.
Easily I could tell by the way he was going he meant this to be slow, romantic – and not rough and quick like times in the past. He really wants this to be right, I can tell. And I highly enjoy that. Sometimes slow is better.
“Harry..’’ the word slipped through my lips as he picked up his pace a tad, not too much but just enough to give me a nice difference in feeling.
“Baby.. you’re so tight for me.’’ His words were muffled by my hair as he spoke the dirty set of words to me.
I smirked a little, the thought of me knowing I belonged to him just gave me a sexy feeling. Harry’s the only person that’s every gotten his part of me, and he’ll always be the one and only person.
My hand found itself on the back of his head, my fingers wrapped up in his hair. The bubbly feeling in my stomach was forming and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer for me, or for Harry either. Accidentally I gave his hair a tug when his thrust hit a little harder than the others did before it.
Harry moaned against my skin, a smile lightly on my face as I left more scratches on his back – he’d have those marks for a while.
“Em.. baby.. I’m close.’’ He whispers to me, mixed with a moan.
I couldn’t form any words, the feeling was beginning to wash over me and I could tell it was coming earlier than I thought at first. My eyes shut tight as the wave rushed through my body, my back arching just as it washed over me. I moaned Harry’s name several times as I felt my legs shake, my grip on his hair tighten and my fingernails dig deeper and harder into his skin.

Slow is good.


Long Chapter.

Hope You Like It.


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