The Alpha female didn't want to really take on the title from her deceased father. It was too hard to bear, but she could not let her pack down. Staying strong, she remained to lead the Coldharbour pack, her main mission to defeat Celdric of the Terrare.


3. Just like Father

December 14th

"Delilah, the Terrare have been spotted down in the fields." Said a worried subordinate from the pack. "What?" I asked in confusion and worry. "Where is Commander Caliber?" I rushed. "He's already down there, investigating. He said if you plan to go down there to stay quiet because he is lurking." The wolf panted. "Of course I am going to go down there! I am the Alpha! I need to be notified of these things!" I yelled in anger. "I am sorry, I just got the notice." The wolf put their ears down. "It's okay, it is not your fault." I sighed, running to the fields.

I crouched down, the cold ground grasping at the edges of my fur. I scanned the area with my hazel eyes, hearing Caliber's paws crouch also. I could barely see him in the distance- the yellow wheat covering his entire body but his long ears. Caliber. I entered his mind as he quickly whipped his head around, shocked by the telepathic communication. He padded towards me, still crouching. "What are you doing? Why are you here?" He almost yelled in his whisper. "Oh, you know... it's just that I am the Alpha female!" I almost yelled louder than him. "Hush. I just didn't want you to get hurt, but it looks like I can't do anything now. Yes, you are the Alpha and I have no control over you. In respect, you may stay only if you be quiet. Subordinates spotted some Terrare troops out here in the fields." He whispered quieter. "Yes, I was told by a loyal companion." I emphasized. "Let it go, Delilah." Caliber huffed, and I rolled my slit eyes. slit?

I pierced into the wolves that passed near the river. "Delilah, use your mind control to paralyze." Caliber ordered. "I do what I want." I sighed, mind controlling them anyway. "Is that- is that Kalzai? Celdric's Commander?" Caliber's ears perked higher than ever. "That bastard..." I snarled, and ran for it. "Delilah!" Caliber howled, alerting Kalzai who perked his ears towards my large figure dashing towards them. His face was a worried look that I had seen no other. You bastard coward! I linked to his mind, causing him to drop to the ground. Caliber ran after me- trying to match the incredible speed I was going. I looked around to see if I could spot Celdric. The wimp wasn't here too see his Commander die. I leaped onto Kalzai's back, rolling him over into a pinned stance. "You." I spat in his face. "You killed my father! It's an eye for an eye!" I slashed my claws into both of his eyes, causing him to howl in pain. Caliber ran in front of Kalzai's limp body, jumping onto his face- causing me to jump out of the way. "Let me show you how Altius felt!" Caliber howled in my father's name, tearing into Kalzai's neck morbidly.

I huffed exhaustingly, as well as Caliber did. "I've never seen you just- tear into someone like that." Caliber said. "I was glad you showed him no mercy- it's just, I always see you as a little pup, and, out there you just- lashed out like it was nothing. You sure do have the temper of your father..." Caliber added. "I'm sorry that you had to see that." I sighed. Caliber's eyes looked out into the distance- like they were searching for something. I paid no mind to it. "Well, it's best you get back to the pack, Delilah." Caliber said as he got back up on all fours, walking towards the rest of the fields. "Where are you going?" I asked him. "Somewhere. Don't worry about me, I'll be back." He remained keeping his head forward the direction he was going. Sometimes, I worried about Caliber.
December 15th
"Mother, Caliber has been gone for quite some time now. Where do you think he went?" I asked my mother as we laid down near the large oak tree. "Well, dear, I do not know." I read her mind carefully. I didn't have to, her eyes told me everything that was coming out of her mouth were lies. "Mother, please, tell me." I pierced my eyes through hers. She sighed heavily. "He sent a few soldiers out to Celdric to spy, like the Terrare did ours." She replied. How could he! Did he still not understand that I am the Alpha? And her, my own mother, behind my back kept this from me! "Mother, how could you not tell me? I am the Alpha now! I need to know! I am so furious! You think you can go behind my back just because I'm so 'gentle'?" I got in my mother's face. "I'm getting sick and tired of everyone lying to me because they think 'Oh, Delilah you're such a soft soul... Well, no! If you think that, well, then there are going to be some changes!  I will be the most coldhearted, demented, angriest and uptight of them all! Hell, I'll even beat Celdric at his own madminded game! What makes you think you can just lie to me?" I howled so loudly. What was coming over me? This was rage that I had no control over... I think I was starting to like it. A image of my father appeared in my mind, and then everything faded away...

December 17th

"Delilah...?" I heard a hushed voice. I opened my eyes slowly. "W-what happened?" I groaned. "You're mother said you passed out." It was Justin who was talking to me. "Oh." I furrowed my brows, remembering my situation. "Oh my God..." Justin looked into my eyes. "What?" I questioned. "You're eyes... they're completely... dark blood red. And your pupils... they're completely slit. Like a cat's eyes." He said in a very worried tone. "What are you talking about? Are you crazy?" I laughed. Justin's expression still did not change. Was he serious? "Justin- I'm here. I came here as soon as I was told." I heard Caliber dash into the den. "Alright, what's going on?" I sighed loudly. "Oh my... Delilah." Caliber said, looking into my eyes. His eyes rose on his face quickly. "You... you have the eyes of your father..." He whispered. "They're- they're pure red!" He exclaimed. Oh no, what does that mean? Do I have an infection or... or... I don't know! "They look even brighter than the last time." I heard my mother say who was sitting across from me. What in the Hell was going on? "What are you all talking about?" I started to stutter. "Let's, uh, take a walk to the lake." I plastered an unnoticed smirk on my face.


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