Next Door Neighbour

I never wanted to move... Maybe he could change my mind.✨


1. 🏡A New Start🏡

"IM NOT GOING!" I screamed at my mom. "I WANT TO STAY HERE WITH MY FRIENDS." She laughed at me. "I can't leave you here alone now can I?" I sighed. She was making me move from my childhood home to somewhere else. And she expected me not to 'overreact' I had so many friends here, I was doing so well. I needed a break so I went to Josh's.

Josh was my boy best friend. He'd been the only person that was there for me through everything that I'd gone through in my life. When my daddy passed he was there. I'd always been there wen he'd had girlfriend issues. Luckily for him I've never had boyfriend problems because I'd never had a boyfriend... I know right, weird. So obviously I was a virgin and I wanted it I stay that way until marriage.

It was a week until we moved and I hadn't even bothered starting to pack. My mom came in my room with 3 empty boxes. "Okay Darcie, ones for trash, ones for clothes and the others for whatever else you have in here. Hurry up because we're going the trash gets taken out tonight." I sighed at her and she left my room.

After an hour of staring at the boxes and listening to Tøp, I started. Cameron Dallas hoodie, KEEP! Old posters, TRASH. Actually this isn't that bad! After a while my mom came up and looked around "wow! I'm proud of you Darcie!" I laughed.

A few days of boring nothing passed by and I heard the removal van park up on our driveway. My mom called me from downstairs "Darcie, help me with the boxes, the vans here sweetie." I walked downstairs and grabbed a big box. After about half an hour everything was in the back of that van. My whole life was about to be packed and shipped away... I wasn't even sure if I wanted to leave but obviously I had no choice!

We got in the car and within an hour or two we'd got there. "Darcie! Wake up were here!!! I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I looked around to see a huge house in a beautiful neighbour hood, with an outside pool! As soon as I got out the car id already seen people my age! Maybe it wasn't going to be so bad. We started unloaded the boxes and my mom went in fort I grabbed quite a heavy box and tripped over the kerb. It all fell everywhere! I started collecting everything and putting it back in the box. Suddenly I saw a hand reach down and help me pick things up...

I looked up and saw him... He stood with his dark brown curls and his emerald green eyes. Black skinny jeans and a ripped tee with a beanie. "I'm Harry Styles, your new?" He smirked at me. He was beautiful! He gazed at me and put a tee back in the box. "Yes, I'm Darcie." His eyes widened. "I love that name, it's my favourite." He carried on helping me and before I knew everything was back in the box and my mom returned. "Making friends already Darcie! I told you, it's a fresh start!" She giggled and walked back to the car. I turned to Harry "thanks." He smiled "no problem, I live next door, I'll show you round sometime?" My mom walked past again an nudged me. "Yeah I'd love that." I stood and stared at him. His smile was out of this world. Just him in General was overwhelming I'd never seen anything like him in my life. He handed me some paper with his number on. "Hit me up." He winked and walked off.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all ;)

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