Gang Leader's Choice

Being new is hard anyways, but being new and already having people hate you is harder. Adeline moves from North Carolina to California and immediately meets the most popular kids at school, as one of them is her neighbor. Adeline's life is hard from running from her past, to moving, to barely having friends, to meeting a gang.
Mason Clarke is feared by everyone just because he is a gang leader. When he meets his Adeline his whole world changes. New emotions, being nice, possessive, caring, instead of his usual cold, secluded, stubborn self. Mason isn't used to not getting what he wants being a gang leader but Adeline isn't that easy.
But hey, the gang leader gets what the gang leader wants and he wants Adeline now.


8. Chapter Seven: Having a New Person Join & I Love Her


Chapter Seven: Having a New Person Join & I Love Her

Mason's P.O.V. 
Happy New Year's Eve/Day everyone. I am having some trouble with this because Mason is based idea on someone I know and it's complicated with them right now but I'll try to write this.

day before the party

"Call me daddy tonight," I said then kissed Adeline.
"Mhmmm Daddy," She moaned.
"Let's take this to my room," I said. I wasn't slow to take off my clothes and her's
. I was about to finally put it in her when some annoying beeping noise interrupted me.
"W-What?" I asked then opened my eyes. Oh it was a dream, I really hope it's real one day. I got up and got ready with my signature leather jacket, a white shirt some dark blue pants and my blue/black nikes. I left my room and went to Jake's, Markus', and Luke's room to wake them up trusting that Abby will wake up and get ready on their own. I went in to see Jake already waking up, I know he needs his own room and so does Luke but I'll wait to get him his own.  
"Good Morning," Jake said and got up.
"Do you want to try waking up Luke?" I asked.
"Sure," Jake said and went to Luke's bed and I went to Markus' bed. They peacefully woke up and I picked out their clothes, still. Luke may be smart but he defiantly doesn't know how to dress himself without looking like a clown. I poured them cereal along with Abby and they ate as I grabbed some supplies from my office. 
"Ok guy's gotta get you to school," I said and took their dishes to the sink.
"Ok I'll go put my shoes on," Luke and Jake said and ran to put their shoes on. I went over to the garage door to find Markus' shoes and it was really hard since I was holding him and he was blocking my view of everything.
"Hey Abby can you put Markus in my truck?" I asked. I have a truck only to take my family places, a motorcycle for show and anything else, and a couple sports cars that aren't really mine but still are. I grabbed Markus' shoes and Jake and Luke came running out into the garage. I grabbed my keys and went to my car and made sure they were all safe then backed out. 
"Big Brother where's mommy and Daddy?" Markus asked.
"They're gone," Was all I said before dropping Markus off at pre-school. Markus was 'too young' to go to school when I tried enrolling him so he still has to go to pre-school. I then passed by Luke and Jake's school and dropped them off then Abby. I got to school to see Clark and James there already, which is normal, but none of the others. We were talking about random shit when Adeline pulled into the parking lot so we decided for her park by us. 
"Good morning Adeline," I said.
"Hi guys, where's the party Friday?" Adeline asked.
"You can come?!" Clark exclaimed.
"Yeah," She said.
"We'll pick you up and take you there, I'm always the sober one," I said. Just because I'm sober never means I don't have fun, anyways I always pick up James and Clark.
"Ok thanks," Adeline said with a slight blush, then the others came by.
"Hey guys," Sara said.
"Hey um Mason can i talk to you about something?" Noah asked.
"Yeah," I said when the bell rang, "I'll meet you guys in class."
"Well I kinda have a friend who got kicked out of their house due to some personal problems and said they could possibly live with us, so is that fine?" Noah asked.
"A friend?" I inquired.
"Uh- um, yeah a friend."
"Noah are you gay?"
"Wh-What do you mean."
"I won't be upset you can still live there if you are but is this friend your boyfriend?"
"Yeah," Noah said and put his head down in shame.
"Doesn't bother me, but yeah they can live there but only temporarily. Noah we're a gang and we don't accept outsiders into our house, they need to find a house but until they do they can live in the house," I said and put a hand on Noah's shoulder.
"Really! Thank you Mason, I gotta go," Noah said and ran off to his car. I walked off and went into class which had a sub. It was the same until lunch. We were sitting in our usual spot and Noah still hadn't come back he's probably going to help his boyfriend move in. I need to meet with him and set the rules out, maybe after I meet with Addy's brother.
"Hey Addy wanna come over after and hang out?" James asked.
"No I think my brothers are getting upset and want me to be home," Addy said.
"James you can't be there either," I said.
"Why?" James asked.
"We are going to have company and I have to sort everything out," I replied.
"What's happening?" Clark asked breaking away from the chick he was making out with. She isn't even that good in bed I've fucked her once and never doing it again she was annoying and she's too try hard.
"Noah's friend got kicked out and needs somewhere to stay temporarily and I have a meeting with someone who wants to join, their familiar," I said and looked at Addy at the end off my sentence. There was around 10 minutes of lunch left when Addy decided to go. I offered to go with her but she regretted my offer, I was about to go follow her when James grabbed my arm and shook his head. The bell rang and I went to class with James and Clark, but there was no Adeline.
"Where's Adeline?" I asked.
"I don't know I was with you the while time not Adeline," James said. 
"Well anyways I have some special plans for tonight," Clark said.
"Really, lemme guess that babe back there," I said.
"Yeah," Clark said.
"Really she's too easy, you should go for someone harder to get, like her," James said and pointed to a girl with black glasses, blonde hair, and was wearing a ginormous sweater.
"Who's she?" I asked.
"I don't know but she'll definitely fall for this," Clark said and motioned to his body.
"Totally," James scoffed.
"Watch and learn boys," Clark said and went over to her. From what I could see he was trying but failing miserably. Clark came over looking completely disappointed.
"Yeah I learnt that girls hate you," James joked.
"Do you even know anything about her?" I asked.
"Yeah her name's Isabella," Clark said.
"That's all you know," James said and laughed.
"I bet you guys $100 that I can get her to love me," Clark said.
"And we bet $100 each that she won't love you," James said.
"I'm about to be $200 richer," Clark said.
"More like $200 in debt," I said. The bell then rang and we went to our cars and said bye to each other. I'm planning on visiting Addy when I'm done meeting with her brother. I got to the house to see Nolan outside by his car on his phone. I had already decided to have Clark pick up my siblings if something happened. 
"Hello Nolan," I said and put my hand out to shake.
"Mason," He said and gave a firm handshake.
"Come inside," I said and lead him into my office. Nolan was also applying for his other brothers' who didn't come so it wasn't suspicious to Addy.
"Ok so all I need you guys to do is run a series of athletic test to participate, other than that you guys are apart of our gang. I'm assuming you'll still want to live in your house so I'm going to need you and you brothers' to fill this out," I said and handed him a folder with papers in it.
"So how's Adeline?" Nolan questioned.
"I mean she's good but wasn't in her classes after lunch," I said.
"Yeah she got injured," Nolan said.
"Can I go see her?" I asked. I won't normally asked but something about Addy's brothers' tell's me they don't like me.
"Um sure," Nolan said hesitantly. I just nodded and texted James and Clark that I'll be there soon since they told me they were at her house already. I left my office to go to my motorcycle and drove off to her house. I knocked on the door and Addy's oldest brother, Beckett, answered and barely let me in. I went over to her but she was still asleep but I noticed some bruises on her face and neck.
"What happened?" I asked.
"We don't know she came home saying she wasn't feeling well and grabbed some frozen peas and took a nap. Though how she looks tells another story," Jackson said. Soon after Addy's eyes opened and she looked around at us.
"Oh you're awake now," I said happily.
"Yeah, why are you here?" She asked.
"Well you weren't in either of your classes so me and Clark decided to come visit you and your brothers said so you weren't feeling well. We called Mace and he said he'll come check also when he finished his meeting, so we've mostly been waiting for you to wake up," James said lying a little.
"Oh thanks I just was feeling extremely sick," Addy said.
"Ok we'll see you tomorrow, right," I said.
"Maybe," She replied.
"At least come to the party, pleeeeeaaaaaasssse," Clark pleaded.
"Ok i'll definitely come to the party," She said. Yes at least I won't have to deal with those two idiots alone.
"Ok we'll see you there," Clark said and then we all left to not push it further.
"You seem different," Clark said laughing.
"Yeah she's just been on my mind a lot lately," I said.
"Is big bad Mason in love?" James said.
"I may be," I said looking into the distance.
"What!?" Both exclaimed at the same time after looking at each other then me a couple of times.
"I love Adeline Baines and I want to protect her from anyone or anything till the day I die," I said.
"Damn, tell her," James said.
"I don't think I can yet," I said.
"You better do it soon before any other guy does it before you, they have their eyes on her," Clark said and then left to his house. I got on my bike and rode home thinking about how I'll tell Addy I love her.

Did you like this? It was kinda hard to write since i don't know what goes through a guys head but i did try and worked on it all morning so i hope it was good. Also i am thinking should i do a spin off of Clark and Isabella or leave it as a failed bet?

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