Dragon heart

Please excuse the mistakes! I hope you like it.

Queen Sandra, the pack leader of all dragons finds that her own dragon got murdered.
But as a her dragon had a baby... Would that brighten up everything?


5. The Golden room

Other scene


The wind roared in my ears as we zoomed past the deep green below me. Everything turned into a whiz and my face felt like it was dipped in icy cold water.

Draco's majestic wings flapped slowly, soaring in the wind. Each flap created more power and we zoomed faster, heading more into the Aqua sky. My eyes were watering and I gazed at the land below me and my stomach dropped. We were so high from the ground. So high.

"Draco!" I yelled through the wind.

"Can you please go down a bit more!"

A calm voice like a sword dragging on stone muttered in my head.

You afraid of heights?

I felt stupid that I was afraid. I was the best dragon flyer around. Everyone knew me.

"Please! Just go down!"

A wave of relief sailed through my body as we dipped down hovering over the trees. I could spot scrawny deers looking up and scattering away from Draco's enormous body. A dark shadow following beneath us taking the beautiful colour of the forest away. 

Jake, where to now?

I thought for a moment, thinking of a place where we can fly calmly around. 

"Take me to the great water fall"

At first, I thought that Draco didn't hear me because he was silent for a moment. Then quick as a whip, The world turned fuzzy and my heart was in my throat. My hair whipped behind me and I held firmly onto the harness, strapped on to Draco.

I gazed down and stared in shock at the beautiful waterfall. After all these years, fighting and slaughtering dragons and warriors, War every week and no smiles from everyone, This was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I didn't realise that i was smiling so much so i wiped of the face quickly hoping Draco didn't see me. 

The water fall fell at the edge of a big cliff, Tree's with rosy pink leaves swayed back and forth on the weary branches. Blue birds flew around me and Draco, inspecting the new visitor. They were a bit startled from Draco but quickly flew of.The lake was massive, it made Draco look like a tiny insect. The lake gleamed in the glowing light, Lilly pads floated on top with frogs leaping to one another. Deer's with large antlers skipped around the edge of the lake and the smell of... Something so sweet you couldn't describe it. 

Draco flew down calmly down to the waterfall, the sound of someone whispering harshly in my ear. To my surprise Draco flew behind the water fall. Warm water sprayed on my face and it was the best feeling I felt. A sweet smelling scent filled up my nose, it was that same smell I had before. But this time, it was stronger. It smelt like sweet honey mixed with fresh pretty roses.

Draco swiftly curved around the waterfall and into a dark tunnel. He rested he's body on the ground and I hopped of, stretching my body and scanning my eyes around the cave.

The scent was so sweet I wanted to find it.

"Can you smell that?" I asked Draco closing my eyes and breathing in.

Draco's blood eyes stared at me. Then he sniffed the air.

I know where that scent is from.

"What's it from?"

I watched Draco stand up and head down the cave, and I followed. The cave was getting darker and the glowing light from the lake disappeared.

Then to my amazement, we entered a golden room. I strained my eyes to see properly because the room was so bright. Wants I fixed them I examined the room in awe. There was gold everywhere. Every single ounce of this room was made up of gold. The walls were covered in golden diamonds and jewels and I grazed my hand on them. This was where the scent came from and I was glad I could smell it full.

"T-this is amazing!" I said in delight.

I looked at Draco, he's face in absolute boredom. He probably saw this room with my father.

I scanned my eyes around and my gaze held on something at the end of the room. There was a golden basket at the end of the room and a ray of sunshine glowed on it. I hustled over and looked inside. My jaw dropped. For so many centuries, this has never happened.

Draco looked at my face.

What's the matter?

I couldn't speak any words. Then finally I stuttered them out.

"Prepare for war, I think I've just found the golden egg"

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