Dragon heart

Please excuse the mistakes! I hope you like it.

Queen Sandra, the pack leader of all dragons finds that her own dragon got murdered.
But as a her dragon had a baby... Would that brighten up everything?


3. scene 2



"Your majesty, ice heart is dead" I say as I bow my head to the king, the blood red carpet within inches away from me.

My legs were shaking like mad as I tried my best not to look up.

I hoped he would be proud.

The room was dead quiet and I could see in the corner of my eye the guards black armor gleaming in the light.

"You may rise, captain of the guard" the deep voice made shivers crawl down my spine. I gulped and looked at the king, he's red cloak reaching towards the floor. He was sitting on he's throne with he's chin held high and an evil grin on him.

I slowly held my gaze at he's dark brown eyes.

He chuckled.

"Finally, I've been waiting for that dragon to die." He said.

"I wish I was there to see queen Sandra's reaction."

Everyone in the room held their breath.

"You have done well boy, I didn't think a dragon like yours would of past that thing."

I smiled grimly, hoping my face wasn't red.

"Your majesty, the cub is still alive." I said quieter, blinking away from he's glare.

A long pause filled the room.

"I don't have to ask you jake. Just kill it."

The words echoed in my head. Just kill it? When everybody would be high on protection to guard The son of the most powerful dragon? My life was over.

"Uhh yes your majesty." I said pinching myself for sounding like that.

He grinned, showing he's ugly teeth.

"I want you to train and work hard in exactly a month. And when the month is over, your mission will start. Get the best people who will fight with you."

I clenched my jaw and bowed again.

"Thank you, your majesty."

I spun on my heel and walked confidently down the hall, people staring mildly at me.

I didn't want todo this. I was forced to. This was suicide for me.

I turned a sharp corner and headed towards my dragon.


"You hungry?" I say, grabbing a bucket of dead rats and lifting it up.

I strained my brown eyes trying to find Draco in the shadows of the stables.

How did the king go?

A cold voice muttered in my head.

"Umm it was alright I guess" I said.

Two pairs of red eyes stared at me.

Hustling began as Draco got up slowly and stepped out of the shadows, revealing he's black body.

I strained my neck to see him, he's giant head full of white scars.

Two sharp horns, stretched out either side of he's head that touched the straw roof.

Red spikes trailed from the top of he's head, down to he's large tail.

The sound of claws echoed the room as Draco made he's way to me, sniffing the rats in the bucket.

I watched he's ginormous black midnight wings, folded tightly on he's body, dragging on the wooden floor, red spikes on the tip of he's wings.

Sometimes I could imagine myself getting killed from this monstrous thing, it sometimes gave me nightmares.

Jake? What did the king tell you?

I sighed a heavy breath and sat down.

"We have to train for a month so we can kill the cub."

Draco thumped to the floor, and I hoped the Wooden floor wouldn't break.

He folded he's giant legs under him and wrapped he's wings around himself.

I could smell he's revolting breath as he breathed loudly, the only sound in the room.

So, another quest?


Why does the king hate her so much?

"I have no idea"

A long pause filled the room.

I'm hungry. Draco locked he's lips and stared longingly at the bucket.

I poured the bucket of rats in a pile and without any hesitation, Draco ate mildly.

Sharp razor teeth snapped on the rats, and I watched patiently.

I seeped my eyes into his eyes, so dark red like blood.

I couldn't help but look at all of he's scars from the battles he had with my father, 100 years ago.

It felt weird to think that Draco has been living for severely centuries and he knew so much more then me.

Wondering about my Scars?

I blinked away quickly from he's face.

I forgot. Draco could read minds.

"Yeah" I said.

The crunch of flesh echoed in my ears and a shiver ran up my spine.

So, what is the Cubs name?

"They haven't decided yet."


"I'm pretty sure it's a boy"

He's going to be a better fighter then ice heart.

The thought of that made my heart skip a beat.

What if we couldn't kill him?

"I better hope not"

Draco chuckled softly in my head.

It's alright jake, he'll die the second I touch him.

It made me happy to Think that he was confident. But something inside told me it wasn't true.

I hustled to the door and a voice stopped me.

Going somewhere?

"I'm just going to Simon"

When is training?

I thought deeply for a while.

"Tomorrow 6:00 am."

Then quick as a whip I left the barn.







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