Jess falls in love with Shawn Mendes and their relationship is what everyone wishes for. One day Jess breaks up with him......then the song MERCY comes out....about her


4. decisions

"Jess? Are you there? Moana's showing at 3 if you want to go." Shawn's voice echoed through my phone and I quickly snapped back into reality.

"Moana. 3 o'clock. Me and you. Perfect." I said but all I was thinking of was how Liz and her family had moved and I hadn't even known.

"I miss you already. I have to go Jess. You know. Sunday morning breakfast. See you soon baby." Shawn hung up and my dad flung open my bedroom door.

"Jess I know I'm a guy and I don't know fashion but pajama pants and tiny tank tops aren't church appropriate. We leave in 15 minutes." He had a slight smile on his face as he closed my bedroom door.

I totally forgot about church. I leapt out of bed and changed into black tights and a black dress with a red ribbon around the waist. I braided my hair and slipped on golden flats. Hurrying downstairs my mom and dad rushed up to me.

"Good you're ready. Your mom's reading the gospel today." Dad squealed in happiness for my mom and they hugged in love.

"Awesome!" I forced a smile and followed them to the car.

At church I found myself praying. Praying for Liz. For her to come back to our town of East Lakes. Why had she moved? I missed her and suddenly urged to be her best friend again. Why had it come to this?

But I knew one thing. I had to find her.

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