Jess falls in love with Shawn Mendes and their relationship is what everyone wishes for. One day Jess breaks up with him......then the song MERCY comes out....about her


1. How we meet

"Don't look now Jess but that hot guy over there is staring at you." My best friend Liz points behind me and I quickly turn around.

A really cute boy with brown hair and beautiful eyes shoots a gorgeous smile over at me. Liz pushes me gently toward him and hurries off giggling with her boyfriend Jackson. The boy takes soft steps toward him and my heart starts to race.

"Hi. I'm Shawn." He smiles a wide smile and I smile back at him.

"Hi Shawn. I'm Jess." I said and he grinned even wider.

"Well Jess, do you want to grab a coffee?" Shawn whispers and I pulled a straight face.

"I have a coffee." I said and Shawn started looking curiously around me.

I burst out laughing and he looked at me confused.

"Just kidding." I giggled and he shook his head smiling.

"I like you already Jess." He whispered and he lead me to a coffee shop down the street.

Inside I shivered a bit and Shawn wrapped his sweatshirt around me.

"Thanks." I murmured looking up at him happily.

We both walked over to the sugar station to put some in our coffee. Taking a pink package Shawn dabbed sugar on my cold nose. Laughing I threw 3 open packets at him. 11 packets later we were on the streets. Yes we got kicked out. And with our coffee.

"Care for a walk?" I asked and I gently grabbed Shawn's hand.

The rest is history. Perfect dates, amazing hugs and kisses, and awesome memories.

So that's how we met. Here's the rest.

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