Musical Review #2: Something Rotten

This Musical Review is based off the 2016 replacement cast live production of Something Rotten! A Very New Musical. Previews for the show started on March 23rd, 2015 and opened on April 22nd, 2015 at the St. James Theatre.


3. Cast List

The Cast List

( In Order of Apperence)

Minstrel: Andre Ward

Brother Jeremiah: David Beach 

Portia: Catherine Burnell 

Shakespeare: Adam Pascal 

Nick Bottom: Rob McClure

Nigel Bottom: Josh Grisetti 

Francis Flute: David Hibbard

Peter Quince: Stacey Todd Holt

Tom Snout: Brian Ogilve

Yorick: Brian Sheppard

Robin: Aaron Kaburick

Snug: Andre Ward

Lord Clapham/Master of the Justice: Edward Hibbert

Shylock: Gerry Vichi

Bea: Leslie Kritzer

Eyepatch Man: David Hibbard

Nostradamus: Brad Oscar

Shakespeare's Valet: Brian Sheppard 

Will Power Backup Boys: Max Clayton, Aleks Pevec, Eric Sciotto, Brendon Stimson

Chef Trio: David Hibbard, Brian Ogilve, Andre Ward

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