Without Recognition

They loved each other before. She was too scared to know it was real and he wasn't ready to admit he did.
How will time reunite them if they can't recognize what they have?


3. Ghost of You

He tried to resist texting her. Lord knows he did. However, after seeing her again after all this time and tasting her again, it was hard to remind himself that he shouldn't. So, he drank. 


Drank some more.

Lo and behold, his fingers found their way to typing her name in a new message and striking up a conversation with her.

At the time, Katherine wasn't doing anything. She took a nap during the day for some odd reason and now she was up at hours of the night where she would've normally been tired. She flipped the television on and grabbed the bottle of brandy, figuring that she would have some fun since she'll be up in the middle of the night for once in a while. Before she even cracked open the bottle, her phone buzzed and she glanced down at the glowing screen, seeing Ian's name on it. She took a deep breath, as though to strengthen her resolve, before unlocking her phone and looking at the message. 

The conversation was safe, until the both continued to drink and they eventually ventured into the territory of their relationship in the past. As she contemplated her next reply to him, another one from him came and she froze. It read: I'm pretty sure I loved you enough to not care. 

Stupidly enough her heart skipped. Loved? She wanted to laugh. Ian couldn't have ever loved her, it just doesn't make sense. If Ian had loved her then, why did he push her away whenever it slipped that she loved him? 

It didn't take long for him to finally spell it out for her. She slipped and said that she always loved him and he slipped: Yeah, I know. I love you too. The dam that barricaded her heart broke with the force of the feelings that she had locked away. 

Her hand combed through her lengthy locks, which were wild and wavy at this point as she exhaled a deep sigh. She had her boyfriend who she loved and now she had Ian. What the hell is she going to do?

From the minute he slipped and finally said I love you to her, he knew it was over. He couldn't play that cool facade anymore. However at this point, drunk from the liquor and drunk off of her taste, he needed to get her back. How stupid was he to have not appreciated her for the entire five years they were together? Why did it take him two years after that to finally then say I love you to her? He couldn't answer these questions to anyone except her because no one except her deserved to know why. 

You should be here laying next to me, he texted.

He could see her contemplating her response to that and knew he still had a shot when her reply came: I miss you.

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