Elizabeth Lanir and the Library of Time



1. The founding Trials

I ran out of the school, bounding through the grounds and across the street. Glancing back at the four enraged figures chasing after me. They pursued me through the busy streets, finally cornering me in an alleyway behind the old movie theater.

“You’re gonna pay for this, nerd” the one closest to me threatens, “Do you really think you can go around telling us what to do like that?” His friend looks at me incredulously, like i’m some kind of psycho with a death wish.

“Hey, what's that?” I ask, pointing at something behind them and pretending to look puzzled. They all turn to look and I take the opportunity to bolt through the nearest door, locking it behind me. The boys shouted at me and pounded on the door furiously, but lucky for me it holds. I let out a shaky breath and turn to look around at my hiding place. To my surprise I find.... nothing. The room is encased in a white fog and all I can see is the door I came through and another steel door at the other side of the space.

“Well” I say, “nowhere to go but onwards.” I cross the fog, place my hand on the doorknob and pull. It doesn’t budge. To my dismay I find a keypad to the left side of the mysterious door. There is nothing in the white fog to act as a clue to answer the five digit passcode. Then I remembered something that my mother used to tell me when I was stuck on a problem or in a sticky situation. Listen to your heart. That was it! I stepped up to the keypad and typed in the numbers 4-3-2-7-8. I heard a soft beep and I tried the door handle again. The steel door creaked open slowly, like it hadn’t been used in a long time. I walked past the door and found myself standing in another small room that looked like a broom closet. The shelves were filled with cleaning products and mops and brooms were propped against the opposite wall. This time I was met with a oak door with an old fashioned lock and key. I didn’t have to check it to know it was locked. I was starting to get the feeling that whatever was behind that door, people didn’t want it to be found. After twenty minutes of searching I finally found the key behind a box on the shelf nearest to the ceiling, and inserted it into the lock. I heard a click and the door swung open revealing the secret inside.

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