Harry potter conspiracious

Is Dumbledore manipulative? Do Ron, Ginny, and molly really care?


1. Dumbledore

Is dumbledore manipulative?

What I want to know is wasn't there wards that told dumbledore if dark magic was in the school quirell had voldemort so shouldn't he have gotten rid of him and how all the protections were made just for them and how he left at just the right time to not stop him.

In the chamber of secrets Fawkes just happened to know were the chamber of secrets was and his a horcrux just happened to make its way to ginny which then just happened to end up in Harry potters hands. If Fawkes knew were the chamber of secrets was couldn't he have taken him in the beggining and stopped the whole thing.

in prisener of azkaban dumbledore is cheif warlock so he could have forced a trial for serious black but chose not to. And Hermione just happened to have a time Turner when dumbledore told him that he could save more then one life.

In the goblet of fire dumbledore could have known moody was an imposter as he knew him for such a long time. He could have also just had Harry do three small task or called it null as he was his magical guardian but chose not to.

In order of the pheonix he dileberitly kept Harry potter ignorent of everything and kept ignoring him even after telling him about the dreams and kept Sirius locked up so he would chase after Harry just to leave the house.

In half blood prince dumbledore decide to take him horcrux hunting even though he kept him in the dark four five years. I also think dumbledore faked his death so the wabd could be taken then found by harry.

In the deathly hollows Harry just happens to have a protronius help him and then find out he was a horcrux and had to die then just happened to meet dumbledore in his mind. And if voldemort knew Harry and him had a mind link but didn't know Harry was a horcrux. Was his mind erased.

Why did dumbledore return Harry to the dursleys after he was given so much proof and told they neglected him.

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