Walking in Dreams

A girl (Anzuna) who has been walking in different dimensions for billions of yeas, has been reborn in Earth. Now she has to team up with Hak and find all their memories. Why did she erase her memories in the first place? Did someone else erased them? What does she not want to remember? And who is Atem? Who is she?


1. Legend of a Lost Princess

A princess with beautiful blue hair and sliver-blue eyes once lived in the place of Atem. She soon started to learn how to become a swords women. During her classes she meet a healer. Though no one recalls what his name was. They hoped that one day they would become partners, and will help each other to protect all worlds. But, on the princess 19th birthday were they were to become partners. The healer had a terrible accident. Were he died. The swords women (warrior) fell from grief for many years. Finally she decided to get back on her feet. Years later an evil soul awaken inside of the warrior. The evil soul toke over and the warrior buried herself inside the most depths of her heart. Hoping that someone would help her. A Healer arose above all, and was about to kill the warrior. The princess was able to take over just in time before the healer killed her. She begged for mercy and asked if he could help her get rid of the dark soul inside of her. He agreed to help but, he told her that the only way to do this was by splitting her into two.Witched meant that she would become a four bar. Four bar was already rare, a five bar is only six people in the entire worlds. Six bar is the king. Eight bar is only her. She didn't care though. She agreed to do it. Then she couldn't hold the dark soul any longer and it toke over. The Healer and the dark soul fought for a whole day. In Earth years it's about ten years. The Healer was about to give up but then remembered the promise he made to the princess. He was not thinking of stopping until he wins. He manged to split her into two. He sent the dark soul the dark soul into the world of darkness. When the princess came back he looked at her as if was terrified of her. She went to a near by puddle and saw her reflection. Her hair had turned jet black and her eyes turned into a very dark brown, almost black. Her skin also changed color but the Healer never told anybody what the color was. She vowed to the Healer that she will come back to help her people when they most need her. She ran into the woods and never came out. The Healer looked for her and never found her. Soon the boy got lost and was never heard from again. But people say that they have come back to help us all. The lost princess has return!


I yelled. All of the kids started to laugh. "Why do you have a stick on your back?" asked one of them. "Someone special gave it to me," I responded. "He must have been important for you to be carrying that," "Yes he was." Then we all heard a bush move. You got to be kidding me! Right know? "Apprentices go inside with the other mentors!" I directed.


I took out my stick and went into a fighting pose. It was getting closer. Now!

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