Daddy's Girl

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  • Published: 26 Dec 2016
  • Updated: 24 Jan 2017
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All he needed was some one to spoil. He felt lonely, and depressed. He just needed something, someone in his life to make him happy, so he can make them happy. And he soon plans to find the one, hopefully.

''I believe that if I treat her right, and let her know that I love, that she'll be happy again, and be loved. That's all I want, I just want her to completely happy.. She's the only thing I care about, and I want to prove it to her.. No matter what I have to do to get her to understand it.. I love her..''

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**WARNING: Mature/Adult/Sexual Content & Situations. Drug usable, alochol usage, extreme sexual scenes**


41. Completely Nervous

Emmy’s POV

Harry and I got to Memphis a little bit after the incident with the razor blade. We have to make the drive to Oxford, my suggestion. I only wanted to so that I could have some time to take this all in. I needed to focus on why I’m here and for who.

My family is everything to me. But lately it seems that Harry’s more than that.

“Am I on the right road?’’ Harry mumbles, glancing over at me. The rental car was nice, it was a black SUV. New and shiny. It fit in with Harry’s personality, or at least I think so. ‘’Yeah. I’ll let you know when you need to turn.’’ I mumble, staring back down at my phone.

Mom: We can’t wait to see you darling! It’s been forever! ♥

‘’Will your.. will your parents like me?’’ Harry sighs deeply just as I was going to type up a reply. I smile gently, just thinking of how much that is worrying him. ‘’Yes.. they will.’’ I tell him. ‘’Promise?’’ He asks. ‘’I promise.’’

Me: I know. We’ll be there soon. :)

Mom: We??

Me: Yeah, a brought a friend.. like you said to.

Mom: Oh! Wonderful! Okay okay, we’ll be waiting on you girls to get here!

I smirk down at my phone before looking over at Harry, that same smirk plastered on my face. ‘’What?’’ He asks, quickly glancing over at me. ‘’My mom thinks you’re a girl.’’ I giggle a little, it was funny to me because my Mom’s so clueless.

‘’What.. what do you mean?” He smiles, laughing lightly. “I told her that we would be there soon, and she was like who’s we? So.. I told her I brought a friend.. and then she said that they’ll be waiting on us girls.. so.. yeah, she totally thinks you’re a girl.’’ I tell him with a smile on my face.

‘’That’s rather offensive. Guess she’ll find out.’’ He chuckles, his eyes on the road. I just smile as I look out the window.

Mom’s not going to care.. but I can’t wait until Daddy sees Harry.


Harry’s POV

‘’Did I mention, you look beautiful darling.’’ I say as I open Emmy’s door, grabbing her hand to help her out. Apparently it had rained here and I didn’t want her to slip on the concrete.

I shut the door, still holding onto her hand tight. I just love the way it felt in mine, so small and fragile. ‘’Yes, Harry. You told me ever since I changed on the plane.’’ She smiles up at me as I look down at her, she’s so beautiful.

“Let’s do this.’’ I sigh as we reach the front steps, the driveway wasn’t very long. There a few cars, only three not including the rental. I lead the rest of the introduction to Emmy as she knocks on the door, smiling brightly as we wait.

The porch light is flicked on above us and Emmy squeezes my hand tight, she moves closer to me, I guess to keep warm because it was pretty cool out here, the breeze was freezing me.

Just as I exhale a deep, heavy, nervous breath, the door opens to reveal a tall, broad man in his early forties. ‘’Emmy! I missed you baby!’’ He says happily, completely ignoring me as he engulfs her into a hug, her hand letting mine free.

‘’Oh.. Emmy, who’s this?’’ I heard a woman’s voice say. She soon appears beside the man, pushing him out of the way so she could greet us. ‘’This is Harry.’’ Emmy says as she goes to hug the woman who I know for a fact has got to be her mom. They’re like the same damn person.. just a like.

“Stephanie, I thought you said it was a girl.’’ ‘’Oh hush, John!’’

‘’Mom.. please.’’ Emmy laughs lightly, grabbing my hand again and holding it just as tight as before, giving me a little confidence. It’s not that I was afraid, I was just completely nervous.

‘’Well, is he broken? Need some new batteries, kid?’’ Emmy smiles at her dad’s comment, but soon I realize that it was serious. ‘’Nice to meet you, sir.’’ I say with a light smile.

I extend my free hand to him. He stares at it for a few seconds before finally deciding to grab it and shake it a few times, letting it go quick though. ‘’John Matthews.’’ He tells me. ‘’Harry Styles.’’ I reply.

‘’Ems, I thought you were going to New York.. had to make a pit stop in London?’’ he asks, smirking a little at his clever but immature joke. ‘’Daddy.. c’mon now.’’ Emmy giggles lightly, squeezing my hand as if it was a sign to keep my cool.

“And I’m Stephanie.’’ Emmy’s mom says, smiling kindly at me. She actually acts some what interested in me. I smile back at her, not really sure what to say.

To be honest, I’ve never done this before. Like I said, I don’t date. I never knew the purpose.. but now.. since I laid eyes on Emmy.. I know that purpose.

‘’C’mon in, we wouldn’t want to get you sick!’’ Stephanie says, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the door just as John steps out of the way. I refuse to refer to these people as Mr. and Mrs in my mind, but out loud.. of course I will. These are Emmy’s parents.

They basically determine my future.

“Oh my little pumpkin! You look lovely, darling!’’ An older man says as Stephanie leads us to the living room. Emmy lets my hand go and runs towards him, probably because he was much, much slower.

‘’Paw, I missed you!’’ She says, hugging him tight. My cute southern girl, I love every little bit of her. “Nana!’’ Emmy smiles even brighter as a woman, probably around her early sixties, stepped from another room.

Her hair was mostly grey. She didn’t necessarily look old, but you knew she wasn’t young. Her stained apron and a towel in her hand helped me assume that she liked to cook, like most older people.

“Oh.. who’s this handsome man here?’’ She asks as Emmy lets her go. I smile as I step closer to them, feeling awkward being all alone in the corner of the room. Emmy grabs my hand, forcing me to move faster over to them.

Her arm slides around the small of my back, God knows how much I love my short princess, she’s so perfect in every damn way.

“This is Harry.. my boyfriend.’’ Emmy tells her, whispering the last part.

“Hi there Harry, I’m Maryanne.. and I do say.. you are very handsome, you and Emmy look wonderful together.’’ She tells me, smiling happily as she observes us. ‘’And this is Henry, my husband.’’ She says, gesturing to the man who just furrows his eyebrows at me, a light smile on his face.

‘’Boyfriend, eh? You’re old enough to date?’’ He says to Emmy, laughing afterwards as he says he’s just messing with her. ‘’Did I just hear.. that word?’’ John says in a stern voice from the other side of the room.

‘’Yes, John! Apparently so.. Harry and Emmy are.. dating.’’ Maryanne says with a slight laugh as she walks away from us. ‘’Well, well, well.. dating, huh? I know how boys are.. keep your hands to yourself while you’re under my roof.. no fooling ‘round, understand?’’ Henry says seriously to me as he rubs his fingers over his bearded chin.

‘’Yes, sir. With all respect.’’ I nod to him and he just nods back, a sign of approval.. I hope.

“How’s dinner kids?’’ Maryanne asks us. ‘’They’re not children, Mary! Keep up with the time, honey.’’ Henry laughs. He seems like a nice man, despite his message to me earlier.

“Styles.’’ John says my name with a sigh. ‘’Yes sir?’’ I ask, raising my eyebrows lightly as I glance up at him. ‘’You’d think you’re sittin’ close enough to my daughter., eh?’’ He says, knitting his eyebrows as he stares me down for a few long, horrible seconds.

‘’John, hush.’’ Maryanne says, rolling her eyes. ‘’Sorry.’’ I mumble lightly and slide my chair over some. The distance nearly killed me. ‘’Daddy, chill..’’ Emmy sighs, resting her hands in her lap.

‘’I will not. He doesn’t need to be that close, acting like y’all are attached at the hip.’’ He huffs, rolling his eyes at me before I look away, trying to regain any confidence I have left.

“Oh, and he better be on the couch tonight.’’ John says aloud to everyone, I guess to everyone.

‘’No. He will not! For one, you know Skylar sleeps on the couch at night, and two.. we are not going to throw him away like that! He can sleep with Emmy, I’m sure he does every night anyways.’’ Maryanne says.

‘’That damn cat will see its death soon if it pisses on my god damn shoes again.’’ Henry says, getting a light laugh from Emmy and Stephanie both. “I bet he doesn’t.’’ John scoffs.

‘’I bet he does.’’ Emmy adds to the conversation. ‘’Oh really?’’ ‘’Okay, okay.. everyone please.. what’s Emmy and Harry’s business is theirs.. not ours. Move on please.’’ Stephanie basically demands this.

I mentally thank her for that.

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