//N I G H T L I F E//

Juniper, a seventeen year old Instagram baddie who is obsessed with The 1975, can't sleep one night so instead of sleeping, she roams the empty streets of the town she lives in-Taos, New Mexico-with her two best friends, Asher, and Violet, and her crush, Grayson. They break and enter in different places. It's every rebellious teenagers dream.


1. //C H A P T E R O N E//

I tossed and turned in bed unable to sleep as I listen to my favorite song,  Robbers by The 1975. It has been my favorite song since The 1975 can out with that album a couple years back.

    Inspired by the lyrics, I texted my two best friends, Violet and Asher.

    “Hey guys. Are either of you awake?”

    Both replied right away with a yeah.

    “Either of you up to roam the empty streets?” I asked.

    Violet texted “Juniper, you know we are always up for it.”

    “You should invite Grayson.” Asher bluntly replied. Grayson was the guy I’ve had a huge crush on for a minute now and we were talking a lot lately.

    “Okay” I replied.

    So I did. The text said “hey Grayson. Are you awake?” After i sent it, it said ‘read at 10:47am’. Even though Grayson and I were good friend, seeing those little bubbles appear made  me nervous as ever. It didn’t surprise me that they appeared so fast, however.

    “Hey Juniper. Yeah I am. What’s up?”

    “Well, Asher, Violet, and I can’t sleep so we were gonna wander around Taos on our skateboards if you wanna join?” I replied.

    He was up for it.

    I rolled out of bed and did my makeup. I have been compared to to an Instagram baddie by a couple friends. I guess I can see it, but I don’t think I look that much like one. I just have the nice eyebrows and long silky black hair.

    Once I was done with my makeup, I straightened the curl out of my hair and threw on my pastel pink The 1975 dad hat. I changed out of my white tee shirt and put on my black alien crop top, leather jacket, leggings, and white and black adidas shoes.

    After grabbing my car keys and skateboard, I snuck out of the house quietly to not wake my parents. I hopped into my baby blue 1969 Chevrolet pick up truck and threw my skateboard in the back. This car was given to me when my grandpa died when I was twelve. I’m seventeen now, but it sat in my driveway from the time we received it to the time I had got my permit when I was 15 years old.

    I started the engine and drove out of the driveway before turning the lights on. Once I got to the end of the block, I opened my phone and texted everyone that I was on my way to pick them up. I plugged my phone into the stereo and played The 1975’s newest album, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It. I really loved the aesthetic sound of it, their music just makes me feel so alive.

    About five minutes later, I arrived at Violet’s house. I parked around the corner, got out and went up to Violet’s window. I knocked on it and waved her out. She climbed up the banister and out of the window with her long board. We ran back to the truck before anybody saw us. I left the engine running so we could quickly drive away.

    Two minutes later, I was at Asher’s house. Her bedroom was at the top level so I texted her.  Next thing I saw was Asher heading our way with her skateboard. She jumped in and tossed her skateboard in the back.

    I didn’t know where Grayson lived so before I pulled off, I texted him asking for his address. He texted me back in a matter of seconds saying he lived on Burch Street. That was a very wealthy neighborhood. I pulled onto the street. I had no idea which house was his so I texted him telling him that I was at the end of the street in a blue pickup truck. He came out, keys and skateboard in hand. He looked so good. He was wearing a black leather jacket, black ripped jeans, and a band tee shirt with Arctic Monkeys on it, another band I was really into. We had talked a couple times about going to see them live together but it was never a definite plan.

There were only three seats in my truck so I made Asher and Violet get out and had Grayson sit in the middle seat next to me and Asher and Violet shared the end seat. After we got it all situated, we finally pulled off and were on our way.  




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