Happy To Be Back

It's New Year's Eve when Mike hears knocking at his door. Upon opening it, he is stunned to find Eleven on his doorstep. Mike x Eleven.
Prepare yourselfs. There are gonna be quite a few chapters...


1. Girl On The Door Step

Mike lay in the lounge sulking. He had been left behind while his family went to a fire works display, his mother saying his temperature would only be raised by the weather. As he pondered the injustice of being cooped up inside, away from his friends due to a minor cold, his door bell rang. 'They couldn't possibly be back yet...' thought Mike, knowing his family would not be back for two hours at most. It rang again.

"I'm coming!"he called out, quickly making his way to the door. As he turned the knob, he asked loudly,"Who is it?"

Through the wire screen, lit by the patio light, he saw a dirt covered familiar face. Ears covered by ashy hair similar to his in length, wearing a tarnished, barely pink dress that was tight around her young, slim figure, possessing legs and arms covered with scratches, and forearms smeared with dried blood. Yes, on his dim porch stood Eleven: the girl who's only name was a number and whom possessed powers beyond what was thought possible. But she was thought to be dead. Mike opened the wire door and stared into her blue eyes.

"El..." he whispered.

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