My days.

Well, this is mostly ranting about things going on in my life. I do ask for advise from anyone reading so if you may, please do try to help me out.


19. #19 November 7, 2018, Wednesday 12:55


Okay, so you guys may or may not know about my chinchilla, Chica. I'm not sure if I've talked about her at all or not, but we've had her for four months, a little while after June I think. Anyways last night she passed away while Mom and I were at Wal-Mart getting things. We had just bought her a huge load of bedding and food. As we left and got to the car she got a text message. I think she called Jimmy and started asking "Are you serious?", "Is she ok?" and things along that nature. She started throwing everything into the back and told me to go ahead and get in. She got in a few seconds later and she started tearing up. She didn't say anything but we left. 

We were at a red light down the road when I felt like I should be crying. I had no clue why, I just felt as if I should. 

Mom looked at me and then back to the red light. "It's about Chica," was all she said. By that point my eyes were holding in the water from my tear glands. "Is she ok?" I had asked. Mom was quiet for a second. "No."

I already knew the answer to my next question. I wanted to ask but my breath caught in my throat. I didn't ask it until we were three turns away from my home. "Is... Is she dead?"

Mom didn't say anything, she knew I was watching. She reached over and grabbed my hand. A nod came from her.

From then I started letting the tears flow as they willed. I muttered 'Oh God,' over and over.

Long story short, my brother scared her too bad. She's blind in one eye and he walked up on her on that side. He picked her up roughly and like normal she squirmed. He said that as he neared her cage she stopped moving, became stiff. He cried, knowing what happened, before going to Jimmy, who declared her dead. We buried her at 11:14. I put two shirts in her box and one of her favorite toys. 

Earlier that day I painted on a big canvas. A black corner that faded into the rainbow of colors. In black I wrote "Fly over the rainbow."

Ironic, huh?

That same day my little Angel died.

That's all I have to update, sorry for it being later then I normally would do it.  

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