Catty's Cover Store *OPEN FOR THE SUMMER*

Request your covers here! All free :) Read the first chapter for instructions!!


1. Request instructions and information!

**New Policy: If I find you're making the exact same request on multiple cover stores, your request may be put on low priority, or I might decide not to make the cover at all, thank you for your understanding** 

**HOURS: 12:00 pm-10:30 pm EST** 


Welcome! Here are the instructions for requesting a story cover by me! All you need to do is tell me the following:


1) Story title & author name(s) 

2) Genre of story (fanfiction, romance, horror, etc)

      ~If it's a fanfiction, tell me which movie/TV character or celebrity you'd like :)

3) Theme (dark, bright, colourful)

      ~You can tell me specific colours you want on there if you'd like

4) Brief description of the story (The bio is fine!)

5) How complicated you want your cover to be

      ~ Simple: More plain background, one or two objects that go with the theme (please specify) (see chapter 17            for example) - Takes about 45 mins - an hour.

      ~ Complicated: detailed background, characters included - Takes an 1.5-3 hours depending on details due to           time needed to find & photoshop images. (See other examples)

6) Any other extras you'd like me to know about (this includes photo requests, character features, etc; as long as it's reasonable, I'll try to the best of my ability to include it!)


Make any requests in the comments and I'll let you know when it's done and put it in its own chapter! All covers I make are sized to fit Movella's size restrictions (Cover size: 400x500 pixels) so you can jut save the cover and upload it to your story!  I'll give you two options to choose from and you can just let me know which ones you like best or if I need to change anything! :) 

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