1. poetry

here i am

supposed to write poetry

i suppose i should try

but what about?

i could put the 'try' in poe'try'

or i could write about roses

i could give up

but i am too stubborn for that

i could write about something i love

like my dogs or cat or books or family

i could write about my crush

but i do not even know if he deserves a poem

it might be creepy

i could write about my fears

like heights or falling or the ocean floor or not finding love

but that might be sappy

i could write about my day

but that would be boring

i could write about nothingness

but then it wouldn't be a poem

it'd just be a blank sheet

i could write about how much a love a rainy day

when the sky is dark and the mood is dark and the rain sounds like music

i could

but it was be atypical

i could write about how i love talking to my crush

how i enjoy our stupid conversations how i enjoy our banter

but that would be daunting

i could write about writing

click clack click clack the keys as i type

the words that magically appear to my head

but that would repeat a lot

i could write about writing a poem

it could be about my ideas and my feelings and everything else writing poetry comes with

but that would be dull

i suppose

i have to write a poem on 


and the swimming and the gliding and the wiggle and the waggle

the scales and the fins and the eyes and the bubbles

or maybe i won't 

perhaps i won't write a poem at all

but i don't know

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