My Deepest Scars | A Niall Horan Love Story|

The whole school knows about that dreadful day. Remorse filled the students hearts everywhere and no one knows what really happened.

The end result still being unknown til this very day.

Drew Baler, a very mysterious and discourteous teenage boy, is very keen to his friendliness life. Though, Drew never misses an opportunity to be rude to anyone who approaches him everyone loves him. The simple fact that he does not want to be bothered by anyone seems to attract everyone to him. None of them care to know why Drew is the way he is. No one cares to know why Drew has a short fuse and impolite. Of course, Niall Horan and his group of friends will be the ones to investigate.


3. Chapter Two

----Niall Horan----

I sigh, sitting down on Amy's bed being tired from practice. Her mom is gone for the entire week and my dad doesn’t care where I am so I am sleeping over her house this week. To be honest, I have no clue on why I even go out with Amy. I think it is just to fill the void of Andrea. I was in love with that girl and the last day that I had saw her she just did not look like herself. She was pale and quiet, she also looked very sad. I remember giving her a big smile when I asked her if she wanted to hang out. All she did was give me a sad and hurt look before shaking her head. That concerned me because Andrea is the type of person who is constantly happy all the time. And, just when I was about to ask her what was wrong she dropped all of her books in the middle of the hallway and left. I would have gone and checked on her if I knew that it would the last time I ever saw her. I just thought that she wanted to be alone so she could get herself together, but I had no idea that this would happen.


I guess I asked Amy out because she is the closest thing to being like Andrea; they were best friends and I love coming over here all the time because Amy still has all of her pictures of Andrea. It just gives me a constant reminder of how she looked and how strong my feelings were for her. She was an amazing football player and I swear her smile could light up the whole world. My favorite thing about her is how she had this infinity shaped birthmark on her left shoulder just where it connects to her neck. She was the one and it sucks that I never got her to be mine.


Andrea Baler was the one who got away.


"What are you thinking about?" Amy asks while she plays her.


"Nothing, just Andrea." I say without thinking.


Her face drops completely; it's still a touchy subject for her. She cannot talk about her without tears filling up in her eyes and sometimes I forget like I just did a couple of seconds ago.


I pull her into a hug and rub her back softly, comforting her. I am just feeling sympathy for her. She is the closest thing I have to the love of my life and I am not going to let her go until I know I can move on from Andrea. It has been two years and I still go weak in the knees as I think about the way her eyes sparkle when she said my name. Andrea was absolutely perfect.


"I miss her so much." She cries, silently and buries her face into my neck.


"Me too, it's okay." I assure her, I miss her more than anyone would ever know.


A noise coming from next door makes both of us jump. We look out of the window to see that the Baler's are having dinner on their balcony. All we see is Drew shouting in the direction of his step-father, he flips over the small table and storms back into the house. Something is seriously wrong with this dude. He is always angry about something when there is nothing to be angry about. It is like that is his whole mind set. That is just how he has always been.


That is him.


"Don't worry about that." Amy says, casually  "There is yelling coming from that house almost every night and I even hear things breaking sometimes." Amy explains.


"And you're used to that?"  I question, I don't think I could get used that.


She shrugs “Yeah, it happens all the time.”




She nods head getting out of the bed and to her laptop where she logs onto Facebook. I look back out the window to see Drew sitting down on the top of the roof smoking a cigarette. He looks right at me while exhaling smoke from his nose. He sucks on his bottom lips looking away from me and laying down on the roof so he is not longer in sight of me.


I don't know why, but I felt a small tingling feeling when he looked at me. I don't know if it was good or bad. It happens sometimes especially when I make eye contact with him. I know that I don't have feelings for him; you know like I like him as me wanting to be in a relationship with him.  There is nothing wrong with being gay. I support it one hundred percent but I know I don't have feelings for him. Maybe he is trying to tell me something and I have not figured it out yet. I guess that feeling happens because him and Andrea have the same eyes. I am desperate for anything that keeps Andrea in my memory. Anything I can get is good enough for me, even if that means staring into another dude's eyes.


"Niall, come here." Amy calls.


I walk over to her desk where she is sitting and looking at Andrea's page, I try to exit out of it, but she stops me. She continues to go through the pictures. She stops at a picture of me and Andrea; she raises her eyebrow at me looking at me weirdly. In the picture I am kissing her on the cheek and she is smiling really wide looking down. My heart sinks at that memory, that was the best day of my life. Andrea and I got extremely close that day. That is when I found out she liked me from one of our mutual female friends.


"I know you've seen this picture before." I smirk, kind of annoyed.


"Yeah, did you and Andrea have something going on?" Amy asks, curiously.


I shake my head, telling the truth halfway. We did have something going on but it was not anything serious. I don't even know why it matters anymore. I am with her and no one else. She acts like Andrea is still around and there is a possibility of her coming back so I can be with her. Though, if the opportunity came I would jump at it.


"Now, turn off that computer so we can have a little bit of fun." I whisper, not wanting to talk about Andrea and I anymore.


She smiles excitedly "Okay."


I pick her up and I lie her down on the bed, she flips me over so she is on top. Amy starts to kiss my neck gently making me smile; I close my eyes as she starts to suck on my skin lightly. I open my eyes feeling like we are being watched, I look out the window and Drew has his teeth clenched in a tight line. His cigarette is hanging slightly out of his mouth; he gets up from the roof and walks into the house. He looked as if he was jealous or something, he probably wants Amy and I know for sure that it is not going to happen. Amy is mine until I can find someone better and I know that there is someone so much better than her. I know that it sounds harsh, but Andrea is the only thing that we have in common.


I flip Amy over and I look into her grey eyes. I close my eyes for a second, suddenly Andrea is under me. I smile widely and I begin to kiss her wildly. This is the only way I can be intimate with Amy, and I know that I am wrong for it. I am not being such a good person, but I know deep down inside that Amy is doing the same. I know that she acts like Andrea and I did not fancy each other, but she was Andrea’s best mate. She had to know, so, this is our way of helping each other mourn the loss of someone we loved so much.

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