My Deepest Scars | A Niall Horan Love Story|

The whole school knows about that dreadful day. Remorse filled the students hearts everywhere and no one knows what really happened.

The end result still being unknown til this very day.

Drew Baler, a very mysterious and discourteous teenage boy, is very keen to his friendliness life. Though, Drew never misses an opportunity to be rude to anyone who approaches him everyone loves him. The simple fact that he does not want to be bothered by anyone seems to attract everyone to him. None of them care to know why Drew is the way he is. No one cares to know why Drew has a short fuse and impolite. Of course, Niall Horan and his group of friends will be the ones to investigate.


4. Chapter Three

----Drew Baler----

I lick my bottom lip as some random girls are looking at me from other lunch tables, it has been like this forever. All they do is look at me and not say a single word. The bold ones would come over here and sit down with me, sometimes even give me their numbers and all I would of ignore them. The numbers I would rip it up right in front of their faces, but that never stops them from coming over here and trying again. I sit here every single day by myself because I don't want to hear the constant bullshit that comes out of people’s mouths. And, obviously these girls do not understand that.


"Hey." A familiar voice chirps.


I look up then roll my eyes at the sight of Amy sitting down in front of me; she has a warm smile on her face and has her hands folded together on the table. I lean back in the cheap plastic chairs they have trying my best to tolerate her in my presence. To be honest, I hate her so much. She is such a fucking slut and everything that comes out of her mouth makes me want to slap her across the face. Never have I hated someone so much in my life and yet I still have to see her fucking face every single day. Now, this bitch is sitting in my face like she does not know that I do not like her. If Amy does not know that I hate her guts I am need to do a better job of showing it.


"Did you study for the AP history test?" She asks, we have that class together.


I narrow my eyes at her while chewing on my bottom lip lightly; she shifts uncomfortable at my continuous silence to her. Amy has never been the one to take silence well, she always thinks there is something wrong with her and she start to get self-conscious so the more I just look at her without saying a word the faster she'll stop talking to me.


"Um, do you hate me or something because you never say anything when I talk to you back?" Amy questions, she should just know by now that I do.


She waits me to say something and after waiting a few minutes for me to say something she gets up and walk away. I smirk as she walks over to Niall so she can whine about me not liking her. It is just something that she has always done and it shocks me that she keeps trying to have a friendship with me. Everyone knows that me and people do not mix because I don't want us to.

The bells rings telling me that it is time to go home and face my family that I hate so much. I wish I did not have to come home every day and see their stupid faces. I go to my light grey E Go Revolt where there are a bunch of girls hanging around it and looking inside the window.


You have go to be fucking kidding me.


"Get the fuck away from car." I hiss, pissed that they are near my car.

They all tense and turn around to face me; they are nothing but a bunch of worthless sluts. How could they possibly think that I am interested in them at all? None of them are worth a penny, they should all go to hell where they belong and leave everything to the men to do. Sometimes, I wonder why women were created; all they do is get in the way.


"We were just hoping that you could take us home." The blonde one speaks "We don't want to walk in the rain."


"Tough luck." I spit, getting into my car and speeding off.


When I pull up to my house I notice that Derek is here too, that's my step-father. I know as soon as I walk into the house there is going to be some bullshit because they are going to make me sit down with them so we can have "family time". No one in their right mind has family time because this is not a fucking TV show. My parents are rich bastards that will do anything to seem like they are good people, a load of bullshit is what that is.

I get out of my car and walk into the huge mansion that we live in. I drop my book bag on the ground to make an attempt to walk past them without them saying a word to me. For two years, I've said not a word to them unless I am spoken to and even then it depends on how much they piss me off.


"Honey!" Mother calls, seeing me and I curse under my breath.


I continue to walk upstairs to my room not wanting to be bothered with the world today. I go into the bathroom and keep the lights off, I strip out of my clothes and changing into something comfortable. I look up to where a mirror should be. Mother stopped putting them in my room and bathroom because I would break them as soon as she bought them. There is no point in mirrors, the world sees you how they want to see you and there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing at all so you just let the world talk and all you can do is listen because even if you know it's not true deep down inside you believe them.

A knock comes to the door making me huff to myself. I open the door to see he butler standing there. I lean against the door frame waiting for him to say thing.


"Your mother wants you downstairs, now." He tells me, I already know that.


I glare at him for a while. I push past him going down the stairs into the kitchen where I know she is having her fifth glass of wine today. I sit down on one of the stools at the island. She gives me a small smile hoping that I would return the favor but I don't. She makes me sick to my stomach and just looking at her makes me want to vomit. It is her fault that all of this had happen, if she was more careful with what the things she did maybe things would be different. I know she drinks because of it, but I don't care. I wouldn't care if she died right now because at least that would make me like her better than what I already do.


“How was your day, Dear?” She asks, her voice slurs slightly.


“Shitty, like it is every day.” I hiss in my normal harsh tone “Now, I think that is enough for this fake family time.” I tell her.


A sigh comes out of her mouth as I walk out of the kitchen into my room, I grab a cigarette then sits down on the ledge of my window like I do all the time. Just so I can get away from the people around me and everything else. A car door slamming makes me turn my attention to Niall and Amy comes out of the car then walk into her house. I bite into my cigarette looking away from the house and to the other side of the street where people I don’t know walk past. To be honest, nothing really interests me, nothing all. Not soccer, girls or even having friends. There is no point because one day they are going to lose the appeal they once had on you or they are going to betray you like I’ve seen many times. I figure, I should just save myself the heartbreak of being attached to something then having it go away from me. I just don’t think I could take it if it happened again.

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