My Deepest Scars | A Niall Horan Love Story|

The whole school knows about that dreadful day. Remorse filled the students hearts everywhere and no one knows what really happened.

The end result still being unknown til this very day.

Drew Baler, a very mysterious and discourteous teenage boy, is very keen to his friendliness life. Though, Drew never misses an opportunity to be rude to anyone who approaches him everyone loves him. The simple fact that he does not want to be bothered by anyone seems to attract everyone to him. None of them care to know why Drew is the way he is. No one cares to know why Drew has a short fuse and impolite. Of course, Niall Horan and his group of friends will be the ones to investigate.


5. Chapter Four

----Drew Baler----

The moonlight hits my face as I run my hands up my face and through my hair; I clench a fist full on my hair in my hand. I close my eyes tightly feeling my chest got tight along with my fist and I roll out of bed onto my feet. I run my fingers through my hair letting them fall down to my sides. I lift my head up towards the ceiling feeling sweat coming down my face as I think about her, she does not exist anymore. She is gone get over it; she needs to get out of my mind. I hate when this happens, she wakes me up in the middle of the night because all I see her face in my head. She just pops up at any giving moment when I am sleeping sometimes and I hate every minute of it.


"Ahh!" I exclaim, loudly.


I walk over to my dresser feeling extremely angry all of a sudden, I push all of my  stuff off and it falls on the floor. I groan again still angry and frustrated with my mind. She is still there and I don't understand why, she's not important anymore. She never was so get her out of your head, it does not matter what happen to her because she is not here.


I groan again pushing things off of my shelf and pushing it down on the ground making it a loud sound fill the house. I throw my mattress to the floor not caring who the fuck hears me. I turn around covering my ears as her voice fills my ears, I sigh sharply biting my bottom lip making it bleed. A knock on my door fills my ears indicating that I have woken up my mother, she just keeps yelling at me knowing that I am going to ignore her.

"Let me in!" She exclaims, pounding on my door some more.


I turn around quickly punching the wall repeatedly harder and harder, my knuckles start to bleed as I continue to repeat the motion. It is the only thing I can think of to get her out of my mind being destructive helps me block her out so that is what I do all the time. It does not matter how my mother reacts or what my step-father says, they can both go to hell. I don't care about neither of them and I sure as hell know that they don't care about me. Ever since that night we have barely spoken to each other and when we do speak to each other it is quick. I rather it be that I never talk to them, but life ain’t fair.


I fall to the ground once there is a hole in the wall and I lay down on my back sighing heavily putting my hands over my face. The blood from my hand comes over to my face, but I just stay perfectly still not wanting to move at the moment. I am finally in a peacefully state of mind where I can think about what I want to think about. I am in control of my own thoughts and that is how I want it to stay. I gulp hard as my lip trembles softly and heartbeat slows down to its normal speed. I close my eyes catching my breath and taking a deep breath.


I finally decide to get off of the floor when the sun comes up and take a shower so I can go to that hell hole people call school. I did not go back to sleep being afraid that those pictures were going to come back in my head. I've learned to go without sleep on most days and I am use to the constant looks I get in school, you learn to ignore them. I wrap my hand up with bandages, I slick my hair back with gel and then I put on my uniform. I walk into the kitchen grabbing my lunch out of the fridge while my mother looks at me.


"Did you take your medication?" She asks, knowingly.




"Why not?" Mother asks, she knows the fuck why.


I ignore her not being interested in the constant questions she keeps asking me, everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit anyway. I grab my car keys while lighting a cigarette and exhaling it through my nose. Time for another day of nothingness in a school full of stupid people.


----Niall Horan----

Some of the boys and I are sitting down in science class talking about practice yesterday, most of it is about Baler but that is the usual conversation in science. He is an excellent soccer player, he strives for it and it shows in the way he plays. Last year, he and Louis were tied for MVP and he just gave it to Louis without a second thought in the world. People think that he is crazy for doing that, but I am guessing he just did not care about it as much as Louis did.


"Class, settle down." Mrs. Ware says as the bell rings.


She opens her mouth to say something when Baler walks into the room with his head held high and his books in one hand. The girls giggle and whisper happily about him to each other while Mrs. Ware glares at him. We all watch him sit down in his desk and he prompts his head up on his other hand wrapped around in bandages. He looks out the window ignoring the looks from all of us like he does every day; there is just something about him that everyone that notices.


"Mr. Baler, would you like to tell me why you are late...again?" Mrs. Ware calls him out.


He ignores her not turning around or anything, just keeping his attention out of the window. Mrs. Ware writes a detention then places it on his desk and he still remains uninterested in her. She walks back to the front of the class and looking at his hand intensely.  After a couple of seconds, she looks back the whole class and starts to explain a project that we are going to be working on. We have to compare two different plants breeding. We are going to need partners, when the girls heard that they all looked at Baler in hopes that he would be their partner.


"Niall Horan and Drew Baler." She announces "Now, go meet with your partner."


I get up from my chair and pull a chair up to his desk; I know he knows that I am sitting there so I wait a couple of seconds before he gives me his usual look. He constantly has furrowed eyebrows, slightly pursed lips and narrow eyes. I nod my head, pulling out my notebook so we can do an outline of what we could do.

"Do you have any particular plants that you want to do?" I ask.


He shakes his head shortly before picking up his pen and opening his notebook. I raise my eyebrow as I notice that his penmanship is very different. I am not saying it is bad, but actually very curvy and perfect if I might say. It is the kind of handwriting you would do if you were a girl, boys can write nice, but they would not have so many perfect loops and unnecessary lines. For a guy, it is just too neat and may I say pretty. It just seems very odd and familiar to me.


"What the hell are you looking at?” He hisses, blankly.


“Nothing, I was just thinking about something.” I lie.


“Whatever, just come over my house Saturday afternoon so we can get this over with.”


“Okay.” I pause” You know you look a lot like And-“


I stop talking, if looks could kill this whole classroom would be dead right now. I never thought that his facial expression could become angrier than it already is but it did. He even turned red a little bit so I just decided to stop the conversation altogether. I put my hands up in surrender making him relax a little bit then looking out the window again; I guess talking about Andrea is out of the question with him. I just wanted to know how they are related and why we have never seen him until junior year. I will just have to save that conversation for another day.

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