New era for a new age

It is a new dawn for the 20th century, 2028 has just begun and steam-power has taken technology over. But, one day when the world is struck with a power crisis. The government seeks out for advanced inventors from all of the countries, it'll take four inventors with unlikely talents to save the whole world from this world wide problem.


1. Prologue


I've never been fond of introductions, but here I go.

My name is Micheal Burnett, I'm a inventor for Major Frederick Wolfden-Edgar the head of the United Steam Project or mostly kind of like the F.B.I or the U.S government in your time. Now, your probably wondering what goes on in the day of age in 2028 well....I must say it's quiet different from your era. You see, in our era technology is run by steam; which is from hydro-vents and these help the environment by not burning fuel , also our fashion is well a bit Victorian and yet modern to your age except for the "crop-top" shirt, those have been banned due to....well that's another story for another time.

                                    Anyway, what you are about to read is highly different from your era. Most thing's that you have are electronic and our phones, tv and many other things are controlled by steam and also a special gem too known as Pirssonite. It's a man-made gem that our scientists have invented to give us power but, on this day.....something goes terribly wrong.

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