Non-Stop || Lin-Manuel Miranda


A simple word that holds different meanings to many people across the world. To some this is what they strive for; this is exactly what they want in life. To others it is simply something that seems silly or unattainable. There are people who were born for fame; the charismatic and outspoken people. There are people who don't even want to begin to see the spotlight.

Follow Lena Hamilton navigate her overnight success from being a world class gymnast to an A-list movie star. Follow as she finds both herself and the love of her life Lin-Manuel Miranda.


3. Chapter 2

My mom couldn’t make it to the show with Stephen Colbert tonight; she was seeing The Color Purple on Broadway with a few friends from college that she hadn’t seen in quite some time. That left me and David to decide on a few outfits that would be okay to wear on the show tonight.


            “Ugh!” I yelled in frustration, “David, I have absolutely nothing to bring to the show.”


            He snickered at me, “Sweet thing, you have like five dresses, three pairs of dress pants and like seven tops that would look good.”


            “But none of them are good enough. David I want to look like I belong.”


            He looked over the dresses and grabbed three of them, “As a gay man you can take what I am saying to you with full truth. These will look banging on you love.” He said as he handed me a tighter red dress, a looser fitting black dress and a tight sequin lined golden cocktail dress.


            I grinned at him, “Again, thank you David. Now for shoes…”


            He groaned and started going through the piles of shoes that I brought with me and bought in New York.


            “Hi, yes this is Lena Hamilton.” David said as he motioned towards me to the man who was working at the side of the theatre. The man nodded and let us inside. A bubbly woman who led me to my dressing room for the night greeted us.


            “Lena and you must be David,” She smiled at the both of us as we nodded, “Welcome! My name is Cassidy and I’ll be assisting you tonight. This is your room for the night. Are these your outfits?” She pointed at David who was holding a few hangers.


            “Oh yeah! I brought three dresses and a few pairs of shoes…”


            “Amazing! Nobody ever comes that prepared,” She smiled at me, “I’ll take those with me.” She grabbed everything from David and I, “Okay. I’m going to steal Lena from you David, we need to start hair and makeup.”


            David nodded and gave me a wink as Cassidy hurriedly ushered me out of the room.


            “So Lena,” She looked over at me as we were walking towards hair and makeup, “Have you ever been on a show like this?”


            I shook my head, “No I haven’t.” I gulped.


            “Don’t look so nervous! Stephen is amazing with guests. Relax Lena!” She pulled me into a room where a couple of women and man were sitting there talking rapid fire at her.


            “You must be Lena!” One of the women clapped and came over to me and started messing with my hair, “Oh darling your hair is perfect!”


            I laughed awkwardly, “Thanks. I don’t really do much with it.” I admitted.


“Beautiful nonetheless.” She smiled and ushered me over to her chair.


“Okay! Lena I’ll leave you here with the experts. Stephen will be by shortly; he’s running through some dress rehearsals now. Lin will be here soon too; he doesn’t have to through as much as you do. Okay bye.” She smiled at me, looked at her clipboard and walked away quickly.


The lady before started messing with my long brunette hair, “My name is Ellie by the way. I’m going to be doing your hair tonight. Millie and Sasha are our makeup artists and those two Jacob and Emily are our stylists, they’ll be fixing up your outfit! I know this is so much to take in all at once. But you’ll be just fine.”


“This place is pretty crazy,” I said laughing, “There’s so much going on.” I looked ahead in the mirror.


“Oh girl, you haven’t even seen most of it yet.” She laughed, as my face grew wide with worry, “But don’t worry! You won’t see most of the madness behind the scenes.” She assured me as she started curling my hair.


“I don’t know why I’m so nervous.” I said as she continued curling my hair.


“It’s only to be expected.” She patted my shoulder, “But you’ll do great. I’ve seen you in other interviews and you’re a natural!”


“Oh gosh, that’s actually so good to hear.” I said as I closed my eyes.


“Hello beautiful people!” I heard a male voice that sounded vaguely familiar echo from the doorframe. I turned around as Ellie let go of a curl and spotted the man behind the voice, Lin-Manuel Miranda. I smiled gently at him as Ellie, Millie and Sasha greeted him at the door.


He strolled into the room looking very casual in jeans, sneakers and a hoodie. He plopped himself in the seat next to me and gave me a wide smile, “Ah, buenas tardes…” He trailed off waiting for my name.


“Oh! I’m Lena.” I said and stuck out my hand for him to shake.


He took my hand and softly gave it a squeeze and gave me another warm smile, “Lena…” He trailed off again, this time waiting for my last name.


“Right,” I said laughing, “Lena Hamilton.”


He jumped out of his chair and I jumped back in mine as he did so, “Did you say Hamilton?” He was practically jumping up and down at what I had said.


The three ladies were laughing at his antics, “I did! I never thought I’d question my last name until this very moment.” I cracked a smile.


“That is just so awesome! Are you related to Alexander Hamilton? The founding father… he was a pretty cool guy you know?”


I started laughing with the other ladies this time, “Well not that I know of…”


He gave me his wide-eyed look, “Whadyamean you don’t know?” He finally sat back down in his seat but kept staring at me.


“I mean I don’t know for certain. But I’m going to go ahead and say that no I’m not a descendent of Mr. Hamilton. If I was I think I would have heard about that by now, don’t you think?”


He sighed, “I guess you make a good point.” He almost looked disappointed.


“Done!” Ellie chimed as she rain her fingers through my hair to shake out the curls, “And might I add that you’re hair is phenomenal, like damn girl can you just go ahead and give it to me?” I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my hair like I’ve never seen it before; she gave me beachy waves that were so full of life and incredibly shiny.


“Es muy bonito!” Lin exclaimed and smiled at me.


“Gracias.” I gave him a wink. Why not play along? He seemed like exactly the kind of guy that loved doing this.


 “Ah, así que hablas español también?” He shot back, smirking.


“Uh, yeah didn’t get much of that.” I laughed and blushed slightly, “I took Spanish in high school so…”


“Lin-Manuel! Are you harassing my new guest?” Another male voice said from the doorway. I turned around to see Stephen Colbert standing there laughing.


“Button Gwinnett!” Lin shot up and greeted him at the door as they shook hands and patted each other on the back.


I furrowed my eyebrows clearly looking very confused. I look at Ellie who shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t watch the shows it might be something they talked about when he was here before.” She whispered in my ear.


“And you must be Lena!” Stephen started walking over to me. I got out of my chair and shook his hand, “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. When David called I knew I had to get you in here one way or another, so glad you were available on such short notice.”


“I’m just happy to be here!” I gushed at him


“Oh don’t suck up to him anymore. He’s got a big enough head.” Lin said and smirked at me.


I put my hands up in defense, “No more compliments then.” I laughed.


Just as Stephen was going to retort one of the ladies coughed, “Not to interrupt this beautiful reunion and meeting that’s going on but we really need to get these two through makeup. We are on a tight schedule here.”


“These things only happen when Lin comes in. Quite the distraction.” Stephen joked.


“Not true!” Lin shouted.


Stephen and I laughed as Millie and Sasha got to work on Lin and I’s makeup, “Hey Lena, I’m going to have one of my assistants come back and run through a list of topics and questions that I might bring up and ask on stage.”


I nodded my head, “Sounds great!”


“Oh and after you get ready. I’m happy to run through a mini walk through if you want. It might help to calm down your nerves.”


“That would be amazing.” I smiled at him, “Like you have no idea…” I trailed off.


“Great! I’ll have Cassidy bring you to me and we can run through what’s going to happen. It’s great to have you here Lena. And remember to have fun!” He smiled and walked out of the room.


I sighed and let Millie apply makeup to my face. Lin was cracking jokes and made me feel like I actually belonged. This might not be as bad as I thought it was going to be.

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