They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


7. 1 year later.

"Ms. Iverson, we are now opening the doors, please restrain yourself from moving as Mr. Darecks and Mr. Johnson unlock your chains." The voice of Mr. Locket said through the speakers on the roof. For one year I been in here. It was Hell. The men came in and out, talking to me and trying to get me to go back to 'normal'. I already killed 10 of their men, another 5 quit, and 6 joined, ready to face the challenge. Because of this, my arms were chained to the roof in thick medal. My ankles bounded to the stone ground with medal chains and medal rings. My stomach was also chained to the wall behind me, so I couldn't jump forward, the chains tight around my neck, also on the wall so if I tried to jump forward I would get choked. I was moved chains after i bit open the straight jacket in the white room.

"Thorn?" Johnson's voice spoke walking to me and i growled, i haven't talked since I got here, i tried biting people before so Mr. Locket but a mouth guard on my mouth with small slits to breath from. My hair was now to my collar bone. At first it was to my chin but soon after I got here I used broken glass to cut my back and white hair. My sharp teeth haven't changed, just got sharper.

"Hey Thorn. How are you today." Darecks said sitting a chair in front of me to talk. I slowly nod my head the chains rattling as my head moved from its hung spot at my chest.

"Good, Good Thorn. Are you hungry?" Johnson asked and I glared at him and jumped to bite, but the chains on my neck and stomach held me back.

"SKIN! BLOOD!" I screamed my voice was horse and raspy, Johnson was shocked that I talked. It may have been two words, but that was enough to shock him.

"Mr. Locket Thorn Iverson has spoke after I asked about food." Johnson said into a walky talky. "Copy, Ill bring her some." Lockets voice said from the object. "She said Blood and skin Mr. Locket." Johnson said with a shaking voice. I was grinning through the slits in the mouth guard. My pointed teeth making it worse. "Hurry Sir." "Copy that."

------------------------SKIP TO THORN HAVING NO FOOD!!-------------------------------------------------:(-------------------------------------

It was night time. My plan was going to be put in action as I bite down as hard as I could on the chains on my wrist, breaking it off making the medal cling to the ground. I did the same to all until it got to my feet and i slipped them out. Now my neck and stomach, easy, i grabbed the chair Johnson left and broke the lock, and broke the lock with the new broken lock so i was free. I used the lock to bang on the medal bars at a window, after a while it gave in and broke, a big enough space to climb through. I perked my ears to listen for any of the other humans that would look after me and crawled through when I heard nothing. I carefully pulled myself through the small space without hurting myself on the broken pieces of medal on the top and bottom. Once I got myself out I stood and and took in a big breath of the night air, It was a bit cold but still nothing compared to the freezing cuffs I had on only minuets ago.

"Iverson? I heard something break in here..Iverson? Hey, Thorn, were are you?!" I heard Mr.Locket yell so i peeked through the space to see him staring at the broken cuffs and chains that held me back all this time.

"She escaped? No! It's to soon! She isn't tame yet!" Locket kept rambling for a while then almost yelled for backup in finding me. I signed, the fun ended all to soon. I tore my glare to the forest around the Asylum or whatever this place is, and started running into the darkness. All around me was trees, small animals, and the cold wind. Soon enough Mr.Locket will find the broken window thingy and send men out to catch me. Thinking of this made me sick, what if they put me under more chains? I can't let that happen, not now, not ever I just escaped, I cant go back now!

I Started running deeper and deeper into the forest until I saw a little bit of light through the tree's ahead of me. I ran faster and now that i'm thinking about humans, I'm starving! The thought of human flesh in my mouth and the sweet but bitter taste of blood made my mouth water. As I got closer I can make out two male voices, each holding a flashlight to give them a light path. I looked around and quickly climbed a tree and waited.

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