They don't know ME. Nobody knows ME. I know myself and my inner demons. They are the only people i have left....
Strangers think i'm quite.
My friends think i'm outgoing
My Demons KNOW I'm not insane....I'm not Crazy....Their real....I'm not Insane ......I am just.........Mentally Creative!


1. Goodbye!

I walked to school, it wasn't far from home. I was bullied on a normal time and place. I Enjoy It! It makes me feel......Happy.....I'm not Crazy! T-They say i'm Crazy! Haha they don't KNOW me! Nobody dose! They all THINK they do, but it's all LIES! They don't CARE about you! They will never really care! I prefer it this way...I'm alone to face my inner demons and nobody can stop them. I stopped fighting them when i noticed we were on the same side. They still wont leave me alone but its alright. Everything's alright!

 Mom and Dad think I need to calm myself down and stop being 'depressed'. I'm not depressed! I'm happy how I am! Mom and Dad don't understand the thrill of excitement when i run free or anything. They don't KNOW ANYTHING!

 I clutch my book-bag strap tighter in my hand as i think about this and wince in a sharp pain, a pain that feels to good to just leave around. I needed more pain. I'm not Crazy, see? They just don't understand. Non of them do or ever will. That don't matter anymore. I heard mom and dad talk about sending me to an Insane Asylum. Okay? I would care why? That's just a new place to try to torture people, right?

Anyways i walked through the gate thing of 'Mildfire High' or something like that and not even 5 steps inside i get pushed into a locker. Rude. Didn't your parents teach you better? Guess not. I glance up to see the three idiots of the school. Jordan Hall, a girl with long, flowing blonde hair and shining green eyes, Emily Hall, another girl with blonde hair but cut to her chin, again with the same green eyes as her twin. Yep, twins the Emily and Jordan or the 'Hall twins' as I say it. Next is there big brother, Cameron. He had brown hair and green eyes. Brown hair from their mom i might say and blonde from the father. What i wouldn't give to see their blood splattered around their body's.

Cameron Grins a grin that competes with the Cheshire Cat and says, "Well, Queen nerd is here. What to do, what to do." He ponders tapping his finger on his chin with his sisters grinning at me like a China Doll. Creepy. Suddenly his face lights up and slams his fist on his open palm.

"Got it! Lets give her a little....'Welcome Back' gift. Don't you think, Emily, Jordan?" I can see the twins nodding in union with their hands behind their back. Somethings up. They have something in their hands, i can feel it.

"Ya know? I'm not the person for party's or anything, so i'm just go to class. Sound good? Okay Bye." I dully say and turn to walk away but No. Cameron steps in my way, Doesn't he know how rude this is? I hope so.

"Uh, hello? Your in my way so if you could.....Step aside?" I shrug my shoulder with a bored look. That seemed to anger to over-sized pig.

Cameron grips my shirt and slams me into the lockers behind me. Ouch, that felt good. 

"Hey cam. Do a girl a favor and drop me oh so kindly." I mock Emily's voice but using my vocabulary. Maybe she'll finally learn a new word beside 'Lol!' 'That is tots adorbs!' and 'Omg!'. She don't even have the word of my NAME in that head of hers! That was and still kinda sad but hey, like I said, she one of the schools idiots.

Emily's face twists into a look of pure 'ew what is that'. 

"Cameron! She's annoying me!" Emily whines, Jordan following in suit, "Omg she's gonna ruin my Make-up!". Cameron nods and looks back up at me, still on the wall with normal (idiots) people walking around us.

"Hey, Em, J. Give me one and have fun." Cameron grins like that fictional purple cat from 'Alice in Wonderland' and Emily walks forward and drops something large and shiny in his hand. Sharp blade if I may say so. Oh, I see how it is. They want to play Tea party! Oh, I adore this game!

"Any last words, nerd?" Cameron asked placing the blade over my chest and I smile.

"Yep." Cameron looks confused.

"Goodnight." I grab the blade and quickly pull in from his weak grip and using his arms, which are still holding me up, and kick him in the chest. Cameron stumbles back a few steps holding his chest while the Twins are running to their brothers aid. I still have to knife in my hand and everyone left at the sight of Cameron pulling a knife in the 'battle' if you could really call it that.

"You know? I think I just might like you three like this!."

I say in a sing song voice and walk towards the trio with a grin of a murder. If you could call me that now.

"H-Hey....Get away from Me!" Cameron yelled crawling backwards and Emily and Jordan following like kicked puppies.

"Sorry my FAIR BULLIES!" I screamed and something in me snapped into place. Like a missing puzzle piece found and slipped into place. My grin widened and eyes like UFO's, i walked slowly over to the helpless siblings and raised the knife over Cameron's chest and said a final word that i would do to all three.

"Goodnight Forever" And i thrust the knife into his chest until the tip tit the tiled floor and his scream was muffled by my hand.

"CAMERON!" The twins screamed with salty tear rolling down their tanned face, watching as the light in Cameron's eyes fade and his head drop to the side with a soft thump. Dead.

I jerked the knife out and turned to the twins, the blood from the knife dripping onto the floor.

"Please...P-please....Leave us a-alone....." Emily stuttered her hands shaking in fear. Yes, fear. Just how it should be. Fear me. 

I just laugh, "Should have thought your plans through..." I hold the knife in my grip harder and raise it over my head and swing it down right Into Emily's head.

"EMILY!!!!!" Jordan screams crawling over to her dead sister and cradling her head in her lap. Jordan pets Emily's head and whispers thing i don't care about.

"She's dead. So are you." My dropped grin pops back into place were it belongs and i stab her right in the vocal cords so she dies but can't scream, only make pitiful sounds. I sign when the light fades in her green eyes and shrug. I reach into my jean pocket and get a pair of burnable gloves and slip them on and start dragging the twins body's to lay beside Cameron's and dip my finger in the blood polled around Cameron and write 'Sweet Dreams'. and stuff the gloves into my pocket again.

"Done! See? You guys are so quite and Nice!" I laugh knowing as well as day they are dead and can't do anything about it. I glance at the clock and see class is about to get out and look at my blood covered clothing.

''Well crap. No more fun. Aw well!" I giggle and scoop up my book bag from the other side of the white hall and skip out the school, after stealing one of Emily's super long jackets that went to my ankles. This will come in handy.

In a few seconds of leaving the school i hear the frightened screams of the students coming into the hallway and see Cameron, Jordan, and Emily's corps.

If I do say so myself I say this was one great 'GoodBye'. 

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