She has been stolen from her family by her favorite band. How will she react? Will she cope well, or will she freak out? Read to find out...


4. Crap

Lyla's pov
I start to wake up, just the beginnings of conciousness. I don't remember ever even closing my eyes. I am beginning to comprehend what is happening around me. I can feel that the surface I'm laying on is uneven, and I'm trying to figure out what it is when I hear a voice. It came from just above my head, and I realize, with a jolt, that I'm laying across three laps. And at least the one, I heard, was a male. I suddenly remembered what had happened, and thought crap I knew that I had to find a way to get back to my family. Strangely though, I feel completely safe with these strange people. They were five boys, I remembered. I hadn't had the opportunity to see if I recognized them yet, but I know that we are driving, and somehow, I had fallen asleep across three boys' laps. I don't know why, but I feel entirely safe with my captors.

Louis' pov
We're driving like madmen. The race to get to the car was a bit of a blur, but details are coming back little by little. We start to see country though, and I know that we are going to get away without trouble. We are just chatting now, but the conversation has paused. I change the subject, "I didn't remember how far this place was from civilization" 
The girl's breath spikes, and I know she is awake. Somehow though, she is staying completely calm. I gesture at Zayn, who is sitting next to me. 

Zayn's pov
After a lul in our conversation, Louis says, "I didn't remember how far this place was from civilization." Nobody answers him. Suddenly, he looks down at the girls head, laying on his lap. She is laying on her side, still sleeping, I assume. I wonder why Louis looked down like that, until Louis looks at me and does a weird gesture. He points at his eyes, closed for his purpose, and then opens them, and I know what he means. The girl is awake. I lean over her and tap Niall on the shoulder.he leans to hear me as I whisper that she is awake in his ear. He punches the gas, which is okay seeing as we are the only ones on this road, which is practically a long driveway of the place we are going to. A very long driveway.

Niall's pov
Zayn just told me that the girl was awake. Crap. I really need to hurry. I punch the gas, and soon enough, we pull into the carport at the cabin. We run her inside, but don't quite dare untie her. I know that if we untie her, she will probably flip out and start kicking and screaming. We didn't gag her though, and she is seemingly calm, just looking up at me from where she lie on the carpet. It struck me then, that she was beautiful. Her long blond hair fanned out on the carpet. Her strikingly blue eyes calm and observing. I froze wondering what I had done. Taking such a perfect girl from her family.Her eyes leave me and suddenly, I want to scream. Scream that it was all wrong, I am beginning to panic, then her eyes come back, from scanning the other boys, to rest on me, I am suddenly calm. My mind still. I have no idea what's going on, but having her look at me, just feels right.

Lyla's pov
The boys pull me out of the car, and carry me, I'm am still tied up, into a nice little cabin. I wonder why they didn't blindfold or gag me. They take me inside and gently set me on the carpeted floor. I look at them, and immediate recognition goes through my mind. But I'm calm and thinking still. Why have I not started fan-girling yet? I think. Something about Niall strikes me. His eyes, just before I really looked at him, were stormy like he was freaking out a little, but as I rest my gaze on him, they clear out, and he goes still, and calm. I'm not sure what just happened, but there is definitely some kind of connection that I can feel between the two of us.

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