Skulduggery pleasant- The Night Before Christmas

What will happen to Valkrie this time as life, love and her double identity gets in the way on the night before Christmas?
(Valkrie is 18 in this story and Darquesse is talking to her)


10. The Truth Hurts...

She woke up to footsteps getting closer and closer. She started to panic. Whoever it was could not know what she had done. She had done a terrible thing. An unexpected tear softly trickled down her cheek as Skulduggery Pleasant came in the room. Then more tears came without warning and next thing she knew Skulduggery was beside her, arms around her and comforting her.

"Hey hey it's alright.... that's right shush now come one Val," he soothed stroking her hair. Her tears soaked into his shirt and before she could stop herself her arms were around him. He stiffened from her touch but didn't recoil. She could feel his skull gently resting on her head. Some time later she stopped crying but still stayed in her position.

Valkyrie could happily stay in this position forever.

"You ready to ask some questions?" He asked softly.

"Yeah," she said breaking up the hug, she chuckled, "god I'm hungry!"

If he could smile I'm sure he'd give her the biggest and most warming smile in the world.

"Then it's a good job I have these!" He said pulling a box of cornflakes from behind his back.

She laughed as his gloved hand softly brushed across her cheek, wiping the last tear away. He leaned in,

"Are you SURE your okay?" He murmured.

"How could I not? I have cornflakes!" She said taking the box from him as he chuckled. She paused and then very quickly kissed his right cheek., "thanks," she said. He just sat there looking blankly at her. Whatever emotion he was feeling right now she couldn't tell but he just sat there as a statue, completely still. She gave him a little poke to see if he was alive and then he pulled her into a sudden hug.

"Your welcome," he said, then broke up the hug and sat there on the bed leaned up against the wall. Reluctantly she joined him and his arm draped around her as she began to tuck into her cornflakes. She looked around the first time since being here. It was nice enough with a Tv on one corner of the room and a drawer underneath it with a kettle on top. On the other side of the room there was a window and where she was sitting was on the far side of the room faving the window on a bed pushed up against the wall. She looked out the window and saw the snow. She watched it fall gently and stick to the pavement and a passing person stand on it. God she loved snow. Then it hit her. Everything. From when she was little. From when she was out with Skulduggery on missions. To.....oh no. She gasped slightly as she realised. As she realised she was the most dangerous and most ruthless killer in the world. Darquesse.

Hello again........

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