Skulduggery pleasant- The Night Before Christmas

What will happen to Valkrie this time as life, love and her double identity gets in the way on the night before Christmas?
(Valkrie is 18 in this story and Darquesse is talking to her)


8. Kidnapped

When Valkyrie woke up there was a note next to her saying 'hey Val I had to run some errands because a lot of people are asking where you are so when I get back, any questions you have I will answer them but just stay in this room and don't leave. People just think your sick so don't venture out and I'll be back in about 10 minutes

-Skulduggery Pleasant

In about 5 minutes Valkyrie got bored so she was just staring up at the ceiling wondering at what her life was like. Was she rich? What about her parents? Who exactly was Skulduggery? None of it made any sense. To pass the time she thought it'd probably be best if she went to sleep so then she had more energy for the questions she'd ask and the answers she'd get off Skulduggery. He really is a nice bloke isn't he? She thought as she turned out the light.

Yawning she was about to go to sleep but had that paranoid feeling, the feeling that somebody was watching her. Something clicked in her brain that she shouldn't ignore that feeling. She squinted in the dark to find a figure crouching in the dark. She turned the light on and cursed realising that the light didn't cast enough light so the figure was still in the dark.

"Come out. Come out!" She whispered.

The figure hesitated briefly and just when Valkyrie thought that the figure wasn't going to come out a figure stepped into the light. The woman seemed familiar. Those green eyes. That dimple. That reddish straight hair. That smirk. Valkyrie gasped as she remembered.

"Hya sweetie," Davina Marr said her eyes playful, "You miss me?"

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